Thursday, August 18, 2011

My first wedding dress

Someone recently posted this picture on facebook and I about died! This is me when I was sixteen playing Laurey in the musical OKLAHOMA! This was the scene right after the main couple in the show gets married. Check it out!
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I think I look about twelve in this photo. I remember thinking it was really fun wearing a wedding dress. They bought it at a thrift store and it fit me perfectly. And it was the first wedding dress I ever wore.

I guess most people's first wedding dress is the one they wear on their wedding day, but not me! Seeing this picture got me thinking about the wedding dresses that influenced my feelings on wedding dresses in general. It's fun to reminisce about the gowns that shaped my ideas of what a wedding dress should be.

There is of course my Mother's dress which I have looked at many times while looking through her wedding album.
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I don't have a full picture of her dress here with me in New York, but her top half is better than nothing! It was 1983, and yes she's rocking that hat veil! She has offered me her hat veil about 100 times... It will definitely be making an appearance somewhere in the wedding process, I can just feel it.

My Grandmothers dress.
Personal Photo from Grandma
I took this picture on my cell phone from their photo album so the quality isn't that great. I just think they look so happy. My grandfather died last year, so I would love to get a copy of the actual picture to have on display at the wedding. I'm not sure if that was her wedding dress, or her leaving on their honeymoon dress, but either way I think it's fabulous.

Cinderella, of course.
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My favorite princess is actually Snow White, but she didn't wear a pretty wedding dress. Cinderella's wedding dress (And ball gown dress), were definitely my favorite of all the Disney princess dresses as child.

Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music
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I loved this movie. I wanted to be in it. (I was in the show later in life and played Louisa) I just always thought Julie looked so stunning and beautiful in this dress.

Monica's wedding dress from the TV show Friends
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I remember watching this and thinking, "I'm going to have a dress like that when I get married. No puffy, cup cake dress for me." I was also in my teens, really starting to dream about meeting the man of my dreams and getting married. So this was a big one for me.

And now Kate Middleton. She looked amazing, but I wouldn't mind having Pippa's dress!
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I'm not ready to share my dress quite yet, but soon I promise! I will say I love my dress and it doesn't look like any of these :)

Do you have any dresses from your pre-engaged days that influenced your thought about dresses?

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  1. I'd have to say my mother's did for sure. Her's was of course long sleeves and a high neck line. But lots of lace, which I love and made sure I had in my own beautiful gown!


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