Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hair worries

I recently had a nightmare about my wedding hair. In my dream my hair was pulled back, which I hate, and in a messy bun that looked awful. I wanted beautiful soft curls. So dream Miss Castle tried to re-do her own hair, only to end up with what looked like crimped hair. It was not good...

Obviously I woke up thinking about hair...
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OK not the musical, but my own hair. I know exactly how I want my hair to look for the big day. Half up, half down with curls, and my side part. Something like this:
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Seems simple enough, but I fear my hair will fall flat before the ceremony even starts! You see I have pin straight hair. Some girls call me lucky, but I think they're mistaken. My hair won't do anything. I rarely ever blow dry my hair because its going to dry straight either way. When I try to curl my hair... it usually only lasts about 30 mins...
 My pin straight hair. This is an old headshot. Photography by Douglas Gorentein

The only thing that has worked for me in the past, while performing in shows has been, hot rollers, and sponge curlers. A good old curling iron doesn't seem to do the trick for me. Oh and hairspray, lots of hairspray.

These next pictures are from that production of Baby that Mr. Castle and I did together. They wanted my hair to have a curly 80s look. The process to get my hair to look like this took almost 4 hours. It involved spraying hairspray on before putting my hair in sponge rollers. Then I would blow dry my hair while the sponge rollers we in. And finally I would add more hairspray before taking the sponge rollers out.
 Personal Photo/This is what my hair normally looked like at the time. This was taken during a rehearsal
 Personal Photo/My hair right after I took out the sponge rollers
Personal Photo/After running my fingers through it to get the "80s" look.

Everyone who saw this show thought I was wearing a wig, even my own father.

So I don't want my hair to be THAT curly, and I don't want to have to uses tons and tons of hairspray. I want light, bouncy, flowing curls. But can my hair do that? I'm really not sure. I have done a little experimenting and some times it goes well and other times it does not. My Matron of Honor's Mom, also known as my second mother, is a hair dresser and will be doing my hair for the wedding. I guess we'll have to strategize about the best approach for beautiful curls that will last at least through at least through our first dance.

Anyone else have pin straight hair? How do you curl it, what's your secret???

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