Friday, April 27, 2012

We start today

Well hive, today is the day. This week has been crazy, busy, stressful, amazing and so much more. I have so many stories to tell but for now as I lay in my hotel bed unable to sleep, I just wanted to say thank you for all your support, advice, and kind words. It has been such a thrilling experience writing this blog and I am so thankful to all the members of the hive. Bees, thank you for being so amazing. I am honored to be among such an awesome group of ladies.

And finally Mr. Castle. Nothing seems more fitting than to quote a song we once sang together:

"Stop a moment, take it in. Can't you feel the change begin? Don't you feel the cosmic surge as two lives begin to merge? What a journey, what a ride. What a trip to take together. We can make life anything we say. We start today."

Love you and can't wait to see you later today.

This is it!!!

MISS Castle

Monday, April 23, 2012

The journey of a dress

The most anxiety I have had thus far during wedding planning was about bringing my dress to California. I couldn't have it shipped because it was not ready for pickup until the day before we left. I did not want to stress about my dress making it in time for the wedding, or making it at all. So bringing it on the plane was my only option.

My consultant freaked me out by telling me she had a bride who had to buy a carry on bag at the airport and stuff her dress into it. She said that was on a South West flight so I made a mental note not to fly with them... When it came time to buy our tickets I wasn't thinking about which airline would be the most accommodating with my dress, I was thinking what's the cheapest flight we can find. We ended up on Jet Blue, which is one of my favorite airlines to fly anyway. The only problem is that because Jet Blue doesn't have a first class, they don't have a coat closet to hang up dresses.

Let me back up and say the reason I'm writing this post is because I was so stressed about this. I lost sleep over it, I tweeted and facebooked about my fears, asked everyone's advice, felt sick over it, and I shed some tears. So I wanted to share my story and say to any bride that has to fly with her dress; It's really stressful but it'll be fine.
Trying to be optimistic heading to the airport!

When we got to the airport I was already a mess. I was so nervous and my arm hurt from carrying my dress over my head so it wouldn't touch the ground. We checked our bags and went to get in the security line. When we approached the women at the entrance looked at me and said, "You can't bring that on you have to check it." I looked at her and said, "What?" She repeated, "You're going to have to check that." In the words of Mr. Castle, I was about to burst into tears while turning into a screaming Bridezilla at the same time. Before I could do or say anything else she smiled and said, "Just kidding! Hahaha." I wanted to punch her in the face. I just laughed and said, "Oh my God I almost had a heart attack. Haha..." Mr. Castle found it hilarious. I somewhat did, but considering my fragile state I hoped I wouldn't get any more of those jokes along the way.

Luckily the airport wasn't crowded so when we went through security a TSA worker helped me put my dress on the belt to go through the scanner. He attached the hanger hooks to Mr. Castles bag so his bag would basically pull my dress though. They also let me go through the scanner really fast so I could get my dress on the other side.
Putting my shoes back on after security

Fast Forward to boarding the plane. I asked someone at the desk what would be the best thing for me to do and the flight attendant said I should wait for other people to put their stuff in the bins and then put my dress on top. I boarded when our rows were called and hoped for the best. When I got on the plane the flight attendant looked at me like I had just brought on board a screaming baby that was going to ruin the whole flight. I kindly asked her to help me find a place for my dress and she told me, "Well we don't have anywhere to hang it up so you're going to have to fold it and put it in an overhead bin." I said, "I can't fold it." She just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, "Sorry can't help you." Since she was going to be of no help I went off on my own to find a place for my dress. Towards the back of the plane  I found an overhead bin with only one suitcase and a flat bag so I thought it was probably the best option I had at this point. The bottom of my dress basically had to be stuffed up in the bin, but at least it was semi flat on top of the bag and suitcase for the 5 1/2 hour flight.

When I got back to my seat I bust into tears. I was just so overwhelmed and upset that people weren't nicer to me. Looking back it wasn't that big a deal. My dress is fine, just needs a little steaming. I just wish no one would have made a joke at my expense and the flight attendant would have been more helpful. I think she then felt bad because she kept bringing me extra snacks... Our seats were up towards the front of the plane and my dress was all the way in the back. When we landed I had to watch as people moved my dress around to get their things underneath. I should have made a, Handle with care. I'm a freaking wedding dress, sign because people were moving it and stuffing it back in like it was a winter coat. At one point the top of my dress was hanging out of the overhead bin. We had to wait for everyone to get off the plane before we could make our way back to get my dress. I was so relieved when we were finally off the plane. I wanted that trip to be over and have my dress safe and sound and home.

In the end everything worked out fine. It was just one of those things that a week before your wedding seem like a life and death situation. When we were on the plane I got a dose of what the wedding was really all about when Mr. Castle pointed out that we were flying over the Grand Canyon. The very place were he proposed 15 months ago.
The Grand Canyon from the air

In the end it's all about Mr. Castle and I getting married. I need to make sure I don't sweat the small stuff during this last week before the big day. :)

Anyone else fly with their wedding dress? I hope they were nice to you!
All Photos are personal

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chance of rain?!?!

About 15 days before our wedding my Mom called me in a panic saying, "I think it might rain!!!!" I wanted to respond, "Mom, why the hell are you telling me this right now? Our date is not even in the 10 day forecast. I have enough to worry about/deal with without worrying about whether or not it might rain." Instead I calmly responded, "Well if it rains, it rains. I don't care. I'm not worried about it."

I guess that was a big fat lie because now we are 8 days away and I'm worried. The forecast looks like this:
Screen shot via

I'm so mad at southern California right now. Their weather is supposed to be reliable! In all seriousness I am pretty bummed about the chance of rain. I know a lot of people love pictures in the rain with big umbrellas and rain boots. I also think they're beautiful but I'm not excited at the thought of having to take them. I have envisioned getting married under our venues lovely gazebo for the last year and a half. Of course I'll be sad if we have to move our wedding indoors. Will it ruin our day? Not at all, it'll just be a big old bummer.

Luckily our venue does have a lovely back up plan for rain. I even found a photo taken by our own photographer of a rainy day wedding.
Image via / Photography by Palos Studio

The back up plan could be a million times worse. This is lovely and I know if we have to move indoors our wedding will still be the best day of our lives. But I'm hoping by writing this Mother Nature might think, "Oh no, I forgot Miss Castle's wedding was next Saturday! Cancel the rain!" Wishful thinking :)

What about you, would you be bummed if it rained? Does your venue have a good back up plan for rain?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Putting it together

"Bit by bit, putting it together." Anyone else love Stephen Sondheim? Any Musical Theater nerds out there? No? Well I figured the lyrics were appropriate because bit by bit, we're putting it together and getting things done! Mr. Castle and I have basically been spending all our free time crossing things off our to do list. Here's a couple projects we have recently completed!

Our "Here comes the bride" sign.
We have two adorable ring boys. They are  MOH N's sons. The older of the two will be carrying the traditional ring bearer pillow, the same one that was used in my parents wedding. We decided to create a "Here comes the Bride" sign for the younger of the two. He's three so I'm hoping holding a sign will be somewhat exciting for him! To make the sign I took this "bride" sign that is offered as a free download on and I added the "Here comes the" at the top. Mr. Castle made it really fancy but adding the nice florist border and cutting it out with a razor blade. An exacto knife would have been better but we couldn't find one... The stick is just a paint stirrer from Home Depot that I painted green. I plan on tying some ribbon at the top of the stick when we get to California.

We also finished making and printing our wedding mad-libs. I thought it would be a fun activity for guests to fill out during cocktail hour. Unlike most our paper projects which were created by Mr. Castle, I actually did these! I took the words from a couple different ones I found online and made it myself in Microsoft Word. I hope our guests enjoy them!
This is a screen shot of the design in Word
Printed and ready to be cut!

And finally I finished making our new and improved poms! They are improved because I've gotten much better and faster at making them. I also decided to add some white flowers which I think turned out pretty nice! Some of them are a little wonky and lopsided but at this point I don't care! They're done and no one will notice if they're perfect!
Half of the finished poms
Close up of a good one :)

With every wedding task we complete a little bit of stress is relieved. But then I remember all the other projects left to do and it all comes back!

Do you think you'll reach a point before your wedding where all your free time is focused on projects?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wine 101

Last Friday night Mr. Castle was finally able to give me my Valentines day gift! His gift to me was a wine 101 class. He thought it would be good preparation for our honeymoon in Italy and Paris, where we will surely be drinking plenty of wine! We decided to schedule it a couple weeks before our wedding, figuring it would be a nice break from all the projects we would be working on. It turned out to be a great choice because after our crazy week we needed to have an evening out!

I wanted to share some of the small tidbits of information I learned from our wine 101 class. I really don't know much about wine, other than I enjoy drinking it. I'm terrible when it come to purchasing a bottle of wine though, and that's were this class really helped. We tried twelve different wines during our two hour class, and yes by the end we were a little tipsy. Trying such a wide variety of wine introduced me to some new kinds I really enjoyed. As for those I didn't enjoy, I at least learned to appreciate their unique flavor.
Ready for wine class!
Mr. Castle trying a nice Sauvignon Blanc

One thing I learned, which may totally be common knowledge but I had no idea, was that the different kinds of wine refer to the grape it was made from. I was unaware that Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Merlot, to name a few, were types of grapes. Our tasting was done in pairs and both wines were made from the same type of grape. He explained how the region the grape was grown and the way the wine was produced affected the flavor. I don't know if it was just the California girl in me, but I tended to prefer the California/West coast wines over the European ones. I was glad to at least gain this small bit of knowledge for the next time I go to pick out a bottle of wine for a party.

We were also taught how to properly taste wine. Our teacher was really great because he was obviously very passionate about wine, but not in a pretentious way. He kept emphasizing the fact that wine is subjective and everyone tastes things differently He explained that the first thing to do when tasting wine is to swirl the glass to give it some oxygen.  
Swirling my wine
Next you sniff the wine to take in the scent. After you get a good nose full of the scent, you take a large sip and slurp in it your mouth to get the full taste. I was not very good at the slurping part... He said if slurping is not your thing to at least keep it in your mouth for a bit to take in all the flavor of the wine. 
Another great part of our tasting was the cheese that was paired with our wine! 

It was so nice to have a fun night out during all the wedding craziness. I highly recommend planning something for you and your love to do a couple weeks before the wedding. It's nice to do something that takes your mind off the wedding for a couple hours. 

Now it may seen like this has nothing to do with our wedding, but in a way it does. My Dad decided to take over the task of wedding favors. A good friend of his works at a winery in central California and gave us a great deal on wine bottles to give as favors to all our guests! We will have both a red and white wine for our guests to choose from. We even made our own wine labels for each bottle, more on that later. :) With our new found knowledge and appreciation for wine I can't wait to try our "custom blend."And I hope our guests enjoy it as well!

What about you, are you a wine lover? What is your favorite kind? Perhaps I'll give it a try!
*All photos are personal

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gifts for our VIP

First off,
That means you MOH N!

We have been searching for the perfect gifts for our VIPs for a very long time. Our goal for our bridal party was to find something that could be useful after the wedding, but would always remind them of us while using it. Early on I found just the thing for Mr. castles groomsmen.
Image via Etsy/Seller Hammeronsteel

These beer bottle openers are made by a blacksmith who forges them from one piece of steel. Mr. Castle had each of his groomsman's initials stamped into the handle. Hopefully the guys will enjoy using these unique bottle openers for many years to come!

When it came to my girls I had a tough time. I considered a small clutch or jewelry to wear for the wedding, but I didn't know if they would use either of those after the wedding. I was trying to come up with something that could make an appearance on the wedding day and be a useful gift for their life as well. Finally after much searching I found these:
Image via Etsy/Seller Silkandmore

I figured we could use these robes as we are getting ready for the wedding and the girls will most likely use them again! Most of my girls travel as performers on touring shows and cruise ships. I'm sure it would be helpful to have a nice robe while traveling. The hardest part was choosing the color. I decided to get my MOH pink because it's her favorite color. For the other four ladies two of them will get green and the other two blue. I got myself an orange one of course.

For my parents I decided on embroidered handkerchiefs. My Mom's says, "May joy be in your tears today as you share with me my wedding day. Thank you for teaching me to live, laugh and love." My Dad's says, "Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your daughter. Thank you for giving me the wedding of my dreams." I plan on putting them in a shadow box frame with a picture after the wedding. I hope they like them!
Image via Etsy/Seller Inspired Stitches

Mr. Castle decided to get his Dad something really special. Mr Castle and his Dad are die hard Angels fans. We found this awesome Etsy shop that sells cuff links made from baseballs used in actual games!

Image via Etsy/Seller Qacreate
His Dad probably won't actually wear them, other than our wedding, but I think they are pretty cool to have as a keepsake! Especially being the huge Angels fan that he is.

Mr. Castle's Mom's gift is not ready yet. He decided to create a sort of college with a photo from each of his grandparents wedding, his parents wedding, his sisters wedding, and eventually will add our wedding photo. I think she will love the sentimental value of this gift. We haven't been able to put it together yet because we are planning to buy the frame when we get to California. We already have so much to bring out we didn't want to add a picture frame to the list. I promise to post a picture of the finished product after it has been made!

Lastly, we wanted to give our good friend who will be singing during our ceremony a gift of thanks. He's a dapper fellow and we thought he would enjoy having a nifty pocket watch to add to his accessories. We had his initials engraved on the front.  
Image via Etsy/Seller Discovercitywatch

As you can tell Etsy was our go to for gifts. We had great luck with every shop we ordered from. I would happily recommend any one of these shops to work with. They all were such nice people!

What are you gifting your VIP? Was it important for you to give them something they could use for the wedding? Or did you prefer giving a gift that has nothing to do with the wedding? 

Friday, April 13, 2012

With this ring

Back in Feburary we decide to get serious about choosing our wedding bands. We started with Mr. Castle. He wanted a simple band that was comfortable. With those requirements we went looking. We started at Kay jewelry and found some options, but we decided to think on it and left the store empty handed. A couple weeks later we visited a Zales jewelry store. I figured we would have the same experience, see things we liked but wait to decide. I was shocked when after about two minutes of looking Mr. Castle tried on a ring and said, "I think this is it, let's just get it." I was happy with his decisiveness, he usually takes 15 minutes just to pick out a deodorant, but I insisted he try on a few more to make sure. After a couple minutes of this, his first choice was still his favorite. After only about 15 minutes in the store we had his wedding band!
Image via / Mr. Castles ring

Next up was my ring. We were given a Tiffany  gift card for having our engagement story featured on their website. We decided to put it towards my wedding band. I feel guilty that our gift card was being used only for me, but I cut myself a little slack because Mr. Caslte didn't want a ring from Tiffany's, or anything else from Tiffany's for that matter. When we arrived at the 5th Avenue store in NYC, I thought I had already picked my ring. I had spent a lot of time on their website browsing and this is the ring I thought I wanted.
Image via

I wanted something on the thinner side to compliment my thin engagement ring, but when I saw this ring in person it was almost too thin. It felt and looked very delicate. I knew with my job running around with a 2 1/2 year old all day, I didn't want something I was going to worry about. So I tried on some other styles and I was stuck between two. It was really hard to choose and Mr. Castle was not helping me at all. I am an indecisive person in general and Mr. Castle usually helps point me in the right direction. But of course this time he was not even giving me a clue! After much debating with myself, some in my mind and some aloud for all to hear, I finally made my choice. The women helping us looked at me with relief and said, "Great, now how about we have some Champagne." Umm Champagne!? Yes please!

We sat down and we were swiftly brought two glasses of Champagne, in the nicest champagne glasses I have ever seen, and two little cake treats!
 Champagne and cake treats!
It was sooo good. I really wanted seconds on the cake treat....
I can't believe I'm posting this picture. I look like I just rolled out of bed and Mr. Castle kind of looks a little crazy, but we were really excited!
My new ring!
I went with a platinum channel setting band. It seemed like the best choice for me. Since taking it home I have grown more in love with it every time I look at it. I can't wait to have Mr. Castle put it on my finger... in only TWO WEEKS!!!!

How did it go buying your wedding band? What kind of ring did you decide on?
All Photos personal unless otherwise noted

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stranger Danger

We now have our final guest count. We had to track down a lot of people... but we finally got a hold of everyone. We invited 198 people and 158 are attending. That means only 30 people declined! We're feeling pretty loved that so many people have decided to come. We were estimating about 150, so we're a little over but not by much. We had already planned for 16 tables each seating 10 so we don't need to make any changes there. The only thing I'm a little disappointed about in our guests attending list is the amount of strangers that have made their way into our wedding...

I'm not thrilled at the thought of meeting people for the first time at our wedding. I'm not talking about some of Mr. Castles family I have never met. He will be meeting a lot of people from my family for the first time. I have a big family, 31 first cousins alone... What I'm talking about is random guests people have decided to bring. We ended up giving anyone who has a significant other a plus one. What I didn't anticipate was if their significant other couldn't come they would decide to bring a friend instead...

We have about a handful of people who fall into this category. A random friend, boyfriend, girlfriend that we didn't invite in the first place. I could go into detail but basically some of our guests chose to bring someone other than who their invitation was meant to include. Or they decided to bring a guest when they were not given a plus one. After many discussions, we've decided to just let it go. Most of the culprits are family members and we would rather not deal with the possible drama of telling someone they can't bring their guest. My Dad added his two cents saying, if we already had anticipated people bringing a plus one it's no big deal if the plus one isn't who we thought it would be.

Like I said before it's only a handful of people so it really doesn't make that big a dent in our guest list. It just seems weird to me that we will have strangers at our wedding. People who couldn't even pick our face out in a crowd. In the end it's not going to ruin my day. I'm just worried I might not be the friendliest when I meet these people... But really it's not their fault. They got invited to a wedding and thought, cool weddings are fun! I don't think I could ever go to a wedding with a friend as their date. Weddings are such a special and intimate affair. I would feel like I was eavesdropping on someones secret conversation.

In conclusion, don't be like me. If you don't want strangers at your wedding, make it a point to get your opinion heard before it's too late. If you don't know someones girlfriend or boyfriends name, find out and put it on the invite so they don't think they can bring who ever they want! Miss Dragon actually just had a great post on keeping your wedding invite list small and how to deal with guest guilt. I wish I would have followed some of her advice. But I'll get over it, by next week there will be a lot of other things on my mind!

How do you feel about having a lot of people you don't know at your wedding? Would you tell your guests they couldn't bring them, or would you let it go?

Monday, April 9, 2012

I heart my veil

I've always known I wanted to wear a veil with my wedding dress. I mean, when else in your life can you wear a veil? In my mind it completes the bridal look. There's a reason when you're trying on wedding dresses they bring out the veil to seal the deal. They're hoping you're like me and start tearing up... It really did help me feel more like a bride seeing the whole picture.

Once I found my dress it was time to start thinking about my veil. What did I want? What length, trim, style?

I decided right off the bat that I didn't want a long veil. No cathedral length for me. Don't get my wrong I love them, and seeing Mrs. Snow Cone's recaps I know that it would look amazing with my dress-we're dress twins. :) But a cathedral length veil seems to formal for our outdoor wedding. Of course I broke my Mother's heart with this decision. If it were up to her I would be wearing a Princess Diana veil with three or four little girls holding it behind me...

But that was not my dream. I pictured a simple veil, fingertip length at the most, with maybe a nice satin trim. With that in mind I began my search on Etsy. I found so many options, but one particular shop caught my eye. 
Image via Etsy / Seller Veiled Beauty
Image via Etsy / Seller Veiled Beauty
Image via Etsy / Seller Veiled Beauty 
This shop had just what I was looking for simple but unique. There were so many great options! I ended up going with this one! 
Image via Etsy / Seller Veiled Beauty
A month later it arrived at my apartment. I am so happy with it and I can't wait to try it on with my dress at my final fitting next week!
 Sorry about my dirty mirror in this picture....
Personal Photos / The detail of the edge

I heart my veil. I got really emotional when I tried it on. I don't know what it is about veils, but it really brings out the "bride" feeling in me! 

What about you? Are you wearing a veil? Does is make you feel more like a Bride? 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Something's missing...

I am happily planning on following the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, tradition; but I have a little problem... I'm missing one of them...

Let me share the non missing elements of this tradition first. My "something old," is very special to me. I would say other than my engagement ring, it is my most important piece of jewelry. I've had since I was a little girl, thus making it "old." Before my Great Grandmother passed away, she took diamonds out of her jewelry and made matching necklaces for all of her five great grand daughters. It was presented to us in a lovely silver heart box. I've worn it for many special events in my life, graduations, funerals, special performances, and I always knew I would wear it on my wedding day. I know it will make my Grandmother, Aunts, Cousins, Mother, Father, basically everyone who will recognize it so happy to see me wearing it.
The box (That really needs to be polished)
Personal Photos
I couldn't imagine myself wearing any other necklace. My Mother always tells me how much my Great Grandmother loved me. I was very young when she passed away, and I am so happy to have a part of her with me on my wedding day. 

My something new could be many different things; my dress, my veil, my ring etc. But I'm choosing to make it something that I will be wearing for the first time on my wedding day, I will not have tried it on prior. My wedding undies!
Mine are similar to these, but they say bride on the top :)

I've already shared my something blue wedding shoes, but I'll share then again because  I love them so...
Personal Photo
By this point you know what I'm missing, my something borrowed.
Image via wikipedia
(A good beach read if you haven't read it yet)

I did have some ideas early on. I was going to borrow my MOH's veil but I ended up buying a veil I fell in love with on Etsy. Then I was thinking I would borrow my Mother's diamond earrings, but Mr. Castle bought me some beautiful Tiffany Pearl earrings for my birthday and I decided I must wear them for the wedding! By this point other wedding stresses took over and I forgot to find something to borrow...I'm sure I'll come up with something when I'm in California around family and friends, but as of now I have no ideas.

So I'm turning to you hive in the hopes that you can give me some ideas. What is your something borrowed?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breakfast at Miss Castle's!

Since my lovely engament ring came from Tiffany's and our engagment story got featured on the Tiffany and Co website, my Matron of Honor decided she MUST throw me a Tiffany themed bridal shower! It took place in California during our last trip out before the wedding. She did such an amazing job, she should be a party planner really! I'll let the photos do the talking.
The sweets table!
Cake, cupcakes, and cake pops! All in Tiffany Blue.
MOH N got pictures of Mr. Castle and I as kids and adults and put them on display, along with my Mom's cake topper. You can also see her hat veil hanging from the mirror. Oh and the Minnie bride ears from when MOH N got married. :)
This was the game table. On the tray were the favors, Tiffany blue matchbooks that said, "Miss Castle's* Bridal shower."
I think I need to stop here and talk about our amazing gift from Matron of Honor N that also was displayed on this table. Here's a close up.
Yep, that's a painting of Mr. Castle and I with our kitties! Isn't that awesome?! MOH's cousin is an artist and made this painting from a photo of us she got on Facebook. It's one of the photos I used in my intro post! Didn't she do an amazing job?!?! She actually makes paintings like this all the time and just created an Etsy shop, Daniellasunflower. This was such a unique amazing gift. I never thought I would have a painting of myself and my three favorite boys!

OK back to the shower!
The food! Bagels, fruit, croissants, all keeping with the Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme.
And a champagne bar of course! MOH N got these cute wine glass charms for the bottom of all the glasses. They also featured the Tiffany blue and read, "Miss Castle's* bridal shower" 

I should also note before we get to pictures of me at the shower, I had my makeup trial that morning. I don't have a great shot of my face because right when she finished I was rushing around to help with last min prep and forgot to take a picture!
Opening a sweet card from FSIL Castle
I've mentioned I love turtles right? My grandma found me this cute turtle bride!
You all know what big Disney nerds the Castles are... I was super excited to unwrap this gift.
A beautiful cross stitch made by FMIL. 
Cutting the yummy cake!
Posing with the best Matron of Honor ever! She gave me such an amazing day full of wonderful memories.
Rocking Mom's hat veil. She was calling me a bee keeper with it on.
My Mother and Mr. Castles Mom
With my future sister in-law!

There are so many other details that I don't have photos of! My MOH read "The Good Wife's Guide" published in Housekeeping Monthly in 1955. It was a list of advice on being a good wife. You can find a copy of it here. My favorite excerpt: "Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first- remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours." LOL. We had fun with that!

My MOH also had a photographer friend come and take all the pictures so she, and I, didn't have to think about it. So all the photos are by the lovely Nicole Rose. After this great experience, I recommend to anyone hosting or having a shower to have someone come just to take pictures. Or enlist a friend to make it their job to photo document the day. Takes the pressure off the host, and the bride! Especially if that bride is a blogger and is photo obsessed. :) 

I'll end with this fun picture of MOH N, me, and my friend Becky's shoes! I love shoe pictures. Although, mine are lame next to theirs! Also if you couldn't already tell, I had just gotten a spray tan... I wish my legs were that tan!

Did your shower have a theme? Any one else have a Tiffany themed shower??
*It said my real name not Miss Castle :)