Friday, April 20, 2012

Chance of rain?!?!

About 15 days before our wedding my Mom called me in a panic saying, "I think it might rain!!!!" I wanted to respond, "Mom, why the hell are you telling me this right now? Our date is not even in the 10 day forecast. I have enough to worry about/deal with without worrying about whether or not it might rain." Instead I calmly responded, "Well if it rains, it rains. I don't care. I'm not worried about it."

I guess that was a big fat lie because now we are 8 days away and I'm worried. The forecast looks like this:
Screen shot via

I'm so mad at southern California right now. Their weather is supposed to be reliable! In all seriousness I am pretty bummed about the chance of rain. I know a lot of people love pictures in the rain with big umbrellas and rain boots. I also think they're beautiful but I'm not excited at the thought of having to take them. I have envisioned getting married under our venues lovely gazebo for the last year and a half. Of course I'll be sad if we have to move our wedding indoors. Will it ruin our day? Not at all, it'll just be a big old bummer.

Luckily our venue does have a lovely back up plan for rain. I even found a photo taken by our own photographer of a rainy day wedding.
Image via / Photography by Palos Studio

The back up plan could be a million times worse. This is lovely and I know if we have to move indoors our wedding will still be the best day of our lives. But I'm hoping by writing this Mother Nature might think, "Oh no, I forgot Miss Castle's wedding was next Saturday! Cancel the rain!" Wishful thinking :)

What about you, would you be bummed if it rained? Does your venue have a good back up plan for rain?


  1. Fingers crossed for you. Alot can change - I didn't take notice of it until the day before. Living in the UK I chose my venue around the chance of rain, I originally wanted a marquee in the grounds of a lovely estate, but the thought of rain scared the hell out of me.


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