Monday, April 2, 2012

Tweezing, and waxing,and threading! Oh my!

Let's talk about hair, shall we? That unwanted un-tamed hair that we women go to all sorts of extremes to remove. With the wedding just around the corner, like 26 days, I'm making some plans to get myself, ahem, groomed. There are so many different hair removal options out there, so let's break it down.

First thing I know I need to take care of is my eyebrows. They can get a little out of hand when left unattended... When I lived in California I would go to a fantastic lady to get my eyebrows waxed. I didn't trust anyone else to touch my eyebrows, not even myself! When I moved to NY I tried to find a new lady to wax my eyebrows and had no luck. Everyone I went to tried to shape them and in doing so made them too thin. I like them to be cleaned up and kept natural. I then tried to tweeze them myself but that wasn't working out to well. Then a friend introduced me to this phenomenon:

Threading. It's just like is sounds, the removal of hair with thread. I'm not sure how they twist it and make it precise enough to pull out the hairs they want. If I was doing it on someone I would probably accidentally give them a bald spot in their eyebrows. It's also a little strange that part of the thread they hold in their mouth... but you get used to it. This particular threading salon does a great job of just cleaning up my eyebrows and not taking to much off. After my first visit I was sold and I've been going ever since. My thought as of now is to get my brows threaded right before leaving for California. It'll be a little over a week before the wedding and I figure any stragglers I can clean up and tweeze before the wedding. I've also decided to take my threading to the next level by getting my upper lip threaded. I've done it once before and I won't lie, it's painful. But if there is anytime to have it done, I would say for your wedding is one of those times. 

Back to waxing... Even though I've converted to threading for my eyebrows, I have been considering getting my armpits waxed... (this post is so glamorous right?) If you recall my dress is strapless and I feel shaving alone won't do it! I've never had my armpits waxed so I'm a little nervous of how it will turn out. Should I just go for it and see what happens? Anyone out there ever get their arm pits waxed? Is it worth it? And the burning question in my mind, how long did you have to grow it out?

I always think of this Friends episode when talking about waxing.

Now comes the TMI section, but I feel it must be discussed: the lady regions. In the past I would partake in the dreaded brazilian wax. I had some good experiences, but mostly bad. Waxing would give me terrible ingrown hairs. When I was home for a trip to California I went back to my original lady for an eyebrow and bikini wax and she introduced me to the product tend skin, which helped a little but not completely. Then I did something that changed my lady grooming forever... I got laser hair removal. I bought a lifebooker deal, (like groupon but sooo much better. If you haven't already, you need to sign up for their site like now!) it was $99 for three sessions. I thought why not try, if anything it will help with my ingrown hairs. While it is painful, I don't think any more so than waxing. AND the hair is gone FOREVER! I got another lifebooker for three more sessions and I am pretty much completely bikini hair free. Money well spent in my opinion. And best of all I don't have to worry about any lady grooming for the wedding ;) I am now a huge advocate of laser hair removal to anyone considering it. Especially with the great deals offered on sites like groupon, living social and my fav lifebooker. :)

So those are my plans for getting groomed for the wedding. What about you? Doing any special grooming for the big day? What's your choice waxing, threading, shaving, laser, voodoo, etc?

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  1. I didn't know laser removal hurt, but if it's no more than waxing then well, you can't go wrong. I have been considering it. Prior to my wedding I had a whole face wax, which to be honest is normal for me. My lady uses threading on me too, on the areas that have been waxed but where some hairs remain, doesnt it tickle on your upper lip near your nose? She then threaded the light, fine, small hairs on my cheeks. She went to great lenghts to ensure I was hairless for the wedding day.


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