Saturday, January 14, 2012

The groom and his men

In deciding what Mr. Castle and his groomsmen will wear, we have debated over suit or tux? Grey or Black? Buy or Rent? And on top of all that what style?
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I actually was leaning towards a  grey suit for Mr. Castle and black for his groomsmen. Mr. Castle wasn't really feeling that option. I would rather him be happy with what he wears so I didn't push it. It should be his choice. He is more into a black tux for himself and the boys. Sort of like what is pictured below.
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I think that option would be great. Maybe we'll have the groomsmen wear a different color tie, maybe orange!
Image via greylikesweddings / Photography by Meg Perotti
I think the above picture is actually a suit, but this is the look Mr. Castle is going for. He would like a more modern slim fit tux. The problem with that is, it is next to impossible to find a slim fit tux to rent.

We popped into our local Men's Wearhouse to ask some questions. First question: "Do you have any modern slim fit tuxes for rental?" Answer: "No all of our tuxes are boxy." Ok..., Next question: "Can we maybe bring in one of our groomsmen to try on some styles?" Answer, "When you order tuxes they come in 2 days before the event from Texas. We don't have them in the store to try on..."

Maybe I just don't know how renting tuxes work, but to me that's really weird. I mean I got to try on my wedding dress. Yeah it was way too big but at least I got to visualize how it would look on me. So the bride gets to know what she will wear on the wedding day, but the groom doesn't get any idea until 2 days before the wedding? That just doesn't make sense in my mind.

Ok now that my rant is over. I know there are other stores we can look at for tux rentals, and maybe they actually allow you to try on different styles. For arguments sake we decided look into buying something for him to wear. That way he could get it tailored to be the slim fit he wants.
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This site Indochino has a lot of suit and tux options. Their prices aren't bad and the styles are exactly what Mr. Castle is looking for. But you order it online, so once again no trying it on...
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This is Mr. Castles favorite option. We found it online at Macy's and with their constant sales we might be able to get it for a really great price.

I think it's unfair that weddings are all about the Bride and her dress. People often overlook the groom in his boxy rented tux. Well I want my Man to look and feel good! I can't wait to see him all dressed up, and I think choosing his ensemble deserves just as much attention as choosing my dress did.

We did end up finding a place that at least rents slim fit pants for his grooms men. It's called Friar Tux Shop and they have locations all over Southern California. The guys even got to try some stuff on! The verdict is still out whether or not Mr. Castle will buy or rent, but he better decide soon. Time is running out!

What is your groom wearing? Tux, suit? Renting, buying? 

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  1. We are having the guys wear vests only and the Mr. wear a suit. We tried the whole renting tux thing...but I felt it was too formal...then we tried to rent suits...and found that we couldn't rent suits..our guys are wearing gray...and the Mr. wants a darker shade of a suit. Macy's and JcPenney have great suit sales all the time! Good luck!


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