Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My next DIY ambition

I'm getting ready to tackle my next DIY project! I'm very optimistic about this one, but also nervous that I will screw it up! I have been scouring pinterest and etsy looking at ideas for how to display escort cards. We know that we want to make theater "ticket" escort cards, but how shall we display them? Since they are tickets they will be flat, unlike the folded cards that can stand up on their own. I would like to find a way to prop them up somehow so it's clear what they are. Most weddings in my family don't have assigned seating so some of our guests won't be looking for them. We need something that will make sure they are seen. Of course there are a ton of ideas out there.

We could pin them on a cork board.
 Image via weddingchicks.com / Photography by She Wanders 

Or we could use a holder that props them up. This one can be hidden under rose petals or fabric.
Images via Etsy/ Seller SpottedInkShop

This magnetic board for displaying escort cards is quite lovely.
Image via Etsy / Seller ShugabeeLane

These seem to be propped up by stones in a box. Super cute, and so neatly organized. 
Image via stylemepretty.com / Photography by John Schnack / Designed/Coordinated by 
Amorology Weddings 

We could make a simple alphabetical list and hang it on something like this old window 
Image via theknot.com / Photography by Ksenija Savic Photography

While all of these ideas are awesome, they tend to be a bit pricy. We don't want to 
spend a hundred dollars on something we will never use again. When I show Mr. Castle
pictures he often responds with, "Can't we just lay them out on the table?"
To which I respond a big, "No that's boring! We need something interesting!" 
Luckily I stumbled upon this: 
Image via Etsy/ Seller JulieHananDesign

I was pretty excited because when I showed Mr. Castle he actually liked it. AND we can make them 
ourselves. It doesn't seem like it should be too hard... I hope.  Martha Stewart gives a pretty
straight forward how-to on her website so I'll probably use that as a guide. I think this is the best
option for us. Our venue provides us with a round table for the cards and this is a perfect
alternative to just laying them on the table. It'll look nice and it won't be too expensive! Score!

So stay tuned to see how it turns out! Hopefully it won't be too difficult!
Are you doing anything different to display your escort cards?


  1. I love the theater ticket idea! I'm a fan of any bride who gets creative to make the event personal. My hubby and I displayed our escort cards just the way you are planning too. My MIL made the accordion fold holders like you show above, only without ribbon. We loved they way the table turned out in the end! Good Luck.

    You can see pics here: http://fromtheetowe.blogspot.com/2012/01/sparks-fly-its-all-in-details.html

  2. that's a really neat idea!! Good luck, can't wait to see how it comes out!

    I didn't want to deal with escort cards, so I had someone make a seating chart on etsy for me, then I just got it printed real big at Staples and framed it...it wasn't that expensive either!


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