Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Registry Picks

We ended up registering at three different places. We wanted to give people plenty of options. One of those options was going to be Macy's, but we had a terrible time trying to register there. The women who was helping us took forever signing us up, the scanner was not user friendly, the layout of the store was terrible, and we found the stuff we were looking at elsewhere for better prices. So we decided to dump Macy's. Instead we went with:

I really love this store. It was super easy to sign up online, and when we went into the store there was no hassle getting us a scanner. We went with Bed Bath & Beyond for guests who actually want to go into a store and buy us a gift. I still have relatives that are leery of online shopping. There are also plenty of store locations in both New York and California. My personal favorite registry item from BB&B is:
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The Keurig. I only drink about one cup of coffee a day, so for me it's better than brewing a whole pot. Mr. Castle drinks a lot more than I do, but with it only taking one minute to brew, I think we'll be fine.

Our second registry is:

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We decided to go with Honeyfund because we don't really need that much household stuff. We also don't really have that much space in our little apartment for a lot of new stuff. It's also a good way to prevent us from having to bring a lot of gifts back with us to NY. I know some people don't like Honeymoon registries because they feel like its asking for money, but everyone we've talked to about it thinks it's pretty cool. We're registering mostly for experiences, dinners, museums, so hopefully no one will be offended. I am most excited about some of the museums we will be going to on our honeymoon...
I personally think its a great gift to give someone something that they will enjoy on their honeymoon. You could even take a picture of you and your groom enjoying that experience and include it in the thank you card. :)

Lastly we decided to add:

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Did you know you can add an item from any website onto your amazon registry? It's pretty awesome. You download a bookmark for your browser toolbar that has the amazon "a" on it. Let's say you're on Antropologie's website and you see some cute dishes you wish you could register for. Well, all you do is click the amazon "a" button and select add to registry. It's awesome! I feel like there are now sooo many possibilities!

I'm curious to see which registry will get the most attention. I'm glad we gave people a lot of options. I personally like looking at people's different registries and seeing the different kinds of things they registered for. I think the more diverse your registry the more it tells people about you as a couple.

Where did you register? Did you give a lot of options or keep it simple?

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  1. Wow what a great idea on that honeymoon thing...I wonderful if I can convince the Mr. to do that..

    Cute blog...:-) Following you now!


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