Thursday, January 19, 2012

100 days

Today we are at the 100 day mark. 100 days till I marry my Man. Tomorrow we will be in the double digits! Wow time has flown. I would like to a moment to take some inventory on how I am feeling right now at this moment, 100 days before the wedding. Here goes:

At this point in time I am more excited about the honeymoon than the actual wedding. I mean I'm excited to be getting married, but I'm more excited about our trip as a newly married couple than the actual wedding day. Awful I know... or is it? Thinking about our honeymoon has relieved some of the stress of planning. But at the same time it has made the planning part less interesting. I'll think, "I don't want to research flowers anymore, let's look at hotels in Paris instead..." So although good that I'm excited about our trip, it's getting me a little off track.

I am pretty behind on some things, but I'm ahead on others. While Jeff and his guys still have no idea what they are wearing, the bridesmaid dresses have already come in. Invitations are ordered just not sure how we will addresses them... We have plans for our table numbers and escort cards now we just have to make them. And still deciding what our guest book, card box and favors will be...

I spend my days going back and forth between being really stressed and very zen about it all. Luckily I'm having a zen kind of day today. But watch tomorrow I'm going to see two numbers instead of three in my count down and I'm going to freak out!

But for tonight I'll watch some Big Bang Theory browse some sites and dream about the honeymoon.

Anyone else have bipolar wedding emotions? Zen, stressed, a little of both?


  1. Ohhh you must be getting married a week after me! I thought I got most of everything done but it seems the to do list gets longer right? :-)

  2. Always! I complete one task and then remember three others. It feels never ending!


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