Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guest book ideas

When trying to find the perfect guest book for our wedding I find there are so many options it can get a little overwhelming! I have tried to focus on what kind of guest book we will want in our home after the wedding, rather than what will look cool and impress our guests. What do we want to look at, read, display, etc. to remind us of those who attended our big day? While I would love to do something creative and unique, I am trying to remember this is for us to have as a keepsake forever. We want something we will fondly look back on, not something that just collects dust or becomes a large storage piece.

We could always go the traditional wedding guest book route. A beautiful book with a matching pen.
This option seems a little too traditional for us. And I think I want something more than just our guests names in a book. I would like them to be able to write us a little note as well.

Luckily there are more "modern" versions of the traditional guest book.

I think this one is super cute. It's like opening a card from each guest. This would also probably be really easy to DIY... 

I've also thought about a guest book with our engagement pictures in it.
Image via / Photography by Howell Photogrpahy

I like this option because not only will you look back and remember the guests that attended your wedding, you will also be looking back on your engagement pictures! It's like killing two birds with one stone! I can see us looking back through a book like this more often than a book with just our guests names.

Sticking with the picture idea, I also like the look of this instant photo guest book. 
Found this photo here on the Weddingbee boards / Photography by He&She Photography

It would be nice to have a photo of every one of our guests from our wedding day. I would just hope people wouldn't waste film on silly pictures...

I've also come across some "game" guest book ideas. The one below is like the game Jenga. Each of your guests sign one of the pieces. Then you and your hubby can play the game each year on your anniversary.
Images via Etsy/ Seller thepaperynook

There is also a puzzle guest book, where each of your guest sign a puzzle piece. 
Image via Etsy/ Seller MemoryLanePuzzles
Each of theses game ideas are so cute and fun, but they don't seem like the perfect fit for us. I would be worried about one of the puzzle pieces going missing at our reception...

And the list just keeps going! Here are some other unique ideas for guest books I came across.
Image via Etsy/ Seller bindingbee
This one is a vintage book with blank pages for guests to sign their names.

Image via / Photography by Oh, Darling!
This guest book lets each attendee write their well wishes to the bride and groom on their own post card. They can then be put in a decorative box, a library catalogue drawer or a fancy mailbox. After the wedding you can put  them all into a scrapbook.
Guests could write us a note on an actual typewriter. While this would be really cool, I think it would take each guest a little too much time to "sign" the guest book this way. 

Some people like a guest book they can display on the wall after the wedding. 
Image via Etsy/ Seller ssanchez
Our guests could each sign the spine of one of these books. It's like they are signing our 
"love stories."
Image via Etsy/ Seller DefineDesign11
Guests could sign anywhere on this California poster. This one would be special for
Mr. Castle and I since we met in California and are getting married there.

There are so many more options I didn't even include! I basically only included the ones I
have seriously considered. We did finally decide, but you'll have to wait and see! Also it's
not ready yet...

Which is your favorite? What are you using as a guest book?


  1. All of these ideas are so uniwue and different. We'll be doing something like a 'mad libs' time capsule type of guest book. Im going to create little cards with a starting sentence and thennthe guests have to complete the sentence and put it in the box. We'll open it on our anniversary. So one would say something like 'the best advice i could give u for a happy marriage would be...' i think that would be a little more fun than the guests just signing their names on something..

  2. I love the one with all the cute little envelopes! So fun :)


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