Monday, January 9, 2012

Doing something "normal"

Today I had a pretty good day. Lately I have felt pretty stressed and run down. With 110 days left until the wedding my mind seems to be on one track, wedding mode. But today I did something non-wedding related and it felt really good. I did something that used to be part of my typical routine. It showed me that sometimes you have to take a step back from wedding obsessing and do something that feels "normal."

Today I went to my first audition of 2012. As I have mentioned before, I moved to New York to purse musical theater. After becoming engaged my auditioning and training kind of took a back seat. I had actor friends telling me, "I took a whole year off auditioning and acting when I was getting married. It's just too much stress." So I kind of cut myself some slack thinking it was perfectly justifiably for me to take a little break from auditioning. 

But today I decided it was time to get back into the game. I got up at 6:30, left my snoozing fiancĂ© and arrived at the audition at 7:30. I waited in line until sign up started at 9 and then I auditioned at 10:10. It was a long morning but after I was done I felt amazing. It felt so refreshing to get back into something that was always part of my normal routine. Focusing my mind and energy on the audition was invigorating. It felt so right.

The point of my tale is that sometimes its nice to take a step back from wedding planning and do something that you have been neglecting in in lieu of nuptial preparations. Another example, I love to read but lately I can't bring myself to take the time to start a new book. Well I think I'm going to start a new book tonight. 

I want to be felling more like this in the next couple months, and I think taking time to do things I love will help me achieve that.

I don't want to look back on my year and four months of wedding planning and realize all I did was obsess about the wedding. I wish I would have realized this a little bit earlier. But it's better late than never.

Do you have any normal routines or activities you like to partake in instead of wedding planning? 


  1. I am the worse at wedding planning..I have like 100 days to go and so much to do..I keep saying I will get to it...haha


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