Saturday, February 4, 2012

Changing the name but not the letters

A lot of family and friends have begun calling me the future Mrs. _______. (You know what I mean, Mr. Castles last name) In fact our RSVP postcards are addressed, "The future Mr and Mrs._______. I know there are some people out there who would hate this, a lot of women find it very annoying to be called, "Mrs. husbands full name." For me, I find it really cute. In my mind it's one of the things that makes it feel "real." It gives me a giddy feeling, like a little high pitched voice in my head says, "I'm getting marrriieed!!!!."
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But it also brings to mind the name change debate. I have always assumed I would change my name. I've never re-thought my decision, I just really understand the reasons behind not changing your name. I love my name, I've had it for 26 years and I'm a little attached to it. I think my parents did a great job choosing my name. My first, middle and last name have the same amount of letters, and they sound pleasant to the ear if I do say so myself. I've also started my theatrical career out here in New York and I can't change my name as far as the business is concerned.

You see, I belong to the stage actors union, Actors Equity Association. The screen actors union is SAG, and like in SAG there can only be one "you." Meaning there can only be one person with your name. When you see actors that include their middle name, it's probably because their name was already taken. I have a very popular last name, and it was looking like my name was already going to be taken when I joined the union. I was fully prepared to add my middle name for my "stage name." Luckily my name was available! So as long as I am a member of this union I will always keep my maiden name.

So what does that mean for my legal married name? Well like I said I love my name, but I am planning on changing it. I am looking forward to starting my new married life with a new married name. But since my name will not change in my union I have decided to make my last name my middle name. I really love my middle name, but really who ever uses their middle name? Now that I'm a grown up my parents don't need to use it for disciplinary reasons. Although Mr. Castle still uses my middle name when he's exasperated with me. He will still use it at times I'm sure. It will always be my middle name, it just won't be legally.

The coolest part is that my initials will change but I keep the same letters! I just realized this the other day and I found it to be a sign that it is meant to be, changing my name that is. I already know Mr. Castle and I are meant to be :) Right now my initials are SLT and after getting married they will be STL. I love it!

What about you? Did you/are you changing your name? Do you like your new initials?


  1. That is so fun that your initials will still be the same, just a different order...definitely meant to be! I'm planning on taking my hubby-to-be's last name as well.

  2. Oh I like the letter exchanging you are doing. I never knew about how important names are in acting...very interesting. :-)


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