Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding my Dress

Since I'm talking about my dress I need to start with this:

Ok, I think that scared him away. I began the search for my dress in early March of 2011. Bridesmaid J, C and I headed to RK Bridal in New York City. I read reviews online and they had all said that this was a great place to try on dresses and get a feel for what you liked. The reviews also warned to come prepared. The place looks like a little like a warehouse. It's huge and there are racks and racks of dresses all around. I had a list all ready of style numbers and designers that I wanted to try on. We arrived, (early, no appointments) and I was assigned a room and a consultant. I showed her my list and she pointed us in the direction where the dresses were located. It was then up to us to search the racks for the dresses I was looking for. It was a little overwhelming, but the girls are I were ready for the challenge! And since we came prepared we found the dresses I was looking for rather quickly. The first dress I tried on I had been internet stalking for a while....

It did not look good on me... I mean it was waaayyy too big and hard to clip up in the back, so it just didn't look right. I also felt way to much like a cupcake in this dress. I had a feeling I wouldn't be into the ball gown silhouette and trying dresses like this solidified my feelings about big dresses. They weren't for me. I tried on a lot more and got a feel for what I liked and definitely did not like. I didn't like dresses with "bling," flowers, or ones that had a lot of beading. I was leaning towards something simple and then I came across this lovely Watters dress.
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My consultant, Ulga, said my whole deminer changed when I put on this dress. She pointed out that I had a huge smile on my face. The girls loved this dress and I loved the way I looked in it. The sweetheart neckline was sooo very flattering. I have a feeling in their mind the search was over, but I wasn't planning on making a decision just yet! Then bridesmaid C told me she wanted me to try on a dress she pulled. I put it on and it was stunning.

It looked way better on than it does in the photo. I do have a picture in it... but it was taken at a different salon so you'll just have to wait! As you can clearly see it is a completely different style and feel than the Watters dress. I didn't have stronger feelings for one or the other. I really liked them both! I could already tell this was going to be a challenge.

I left feeling like that was definitely a great start, but I wanted to see what else was out there in the big bridal world of wedding dresses...

How was your first experience trying on dresses? Did you find your dress on your first trip?

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