Friday, April 13, 2012

With this ring

Back in Feburary we decide to get serious about choosing our wedding bands. We started with Mr. Castle. He wanted a simple band that was comfortable. With those requirements we went looking. We started at Kay jewelry and found some options, but we decided to think on it and left the store empty handed. A couple weeks later we visited a Zales jewelry store. I figured we would have the same experience, see things we liked but wait to decide. I was shocked when after about two minutes of looking Mr. Castle tried on a ring and said, "I think this is it, let's just get it." I was happy with his decisiveness, he usually takes 15 minutes just to pick out a deodorant, but I insisted he try on a few more to make sure. After a couple minutes of this, his first choice was still his favorite. After only about 15 minutes in the store we had his wedding band!
Image via / Mr. Castles ring

Next up was my ring. We were given a Tiffany  gift card for having our engagement story featured on their website. We decided to put it towards my wedding band. I feel guilty that our gift card was being used only for me, but I cut myself a little slack because Mr. Caslte didn't want a ring from Tiffany's, or anything else from Tiffany's for that matter. When we arrived at the 5th Avenue store in NYC, I thought I had already picked my ring. I had spent a lot of time on their website browsing and this is the ring I thought I wanted.
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I wanted something on the thinner side to compliment my thin engagement ring, but when I saw this ring in person it was almost too thin. It felt and looked very delicate. I knew with my job running around with a 2 1/2 year old all day, I didn't want something I was going to worry about. So I tried on some other styles and I was stuck between two. It was really hard to choose and Mr. Castle was not helping me at all. I am an indecisive person in general and Mr. Castle usually helps point me in the right direction. But of course this time he was not even giving me a clue! After much debating with myself, some in my mind and some aloud for all to hear, I finally made my choice. The women helping us looked at me with relief and said, "Great, now how about we have some Champagne." Umm Champagne!? Yes please!

We sat down and we were swiftly brought two glasses of Champagne, in the nicest champagne glasses I have ever seen, and two little cake treats!
 Champagne and cake treats!
It was sooo good. I really wanted seconds on the cake treat....
I can't believe I'm posting this picture. I look like I just rolled out of bed and Mr. Castle kind of looks a little crazy, but we were really excited!
My new ring!
I went with a platinum channel setting band. It seemed like the best choice for me. Since taking it home I have grown more in love with it every time I look at it. I can't wait to have Mr. Castle put it on my finger... in only TWO WEEKS!!!!

How did it go buying your wedding band? What kind of ring did you decide on?
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  1. Wow tiffany's brings an experience! Your ring is beautiful!! It is very exciting when you try it on...soon it will always be on ;-)


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