Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Putting it together

"Bit by bit, putting it together." Anyone else love Stephen Sondheim? Any Musical Theater nerds out there? No? Well I figured the lyrics were appropriate because bit by bit, we're putting it together and getting things done! Mr. Castle and I have basically been spending all our free time crossing things off our to do list. Here's a couple projects we have recently completed!

Our "Here comes the bride" sign.
We have two adorable ring boys. They are  MOH N's sons. The older of the two will be carrying the traditional ring bearer pillow, the same one that was used in my parents wedding. We decided to create a "Here comes the Bride" sign for the younger of the two. He's three so I'm hoping holding a sign will be somewhat exciting for him! To make the sign I took this "bride" sign that is offered as a free download on and I added the "Here comes the" at the top. Mr. Castle made it really fancy but adding the nice florist border and cutting it out with a razor blade. An exacto knife would have been better but we couldn't find one... The stick is just a paint stirrer from Home Depot that I painted green. I plan on tying some ribbon at the top of the stick when we get to California.

We also finished making and printing our wedding mad-libs. I thought it would be a fun activity for guests to fill out during cocktail hour. Unlike most our paper projects which were created by Mr. Castle, I actually did these! I took the words from a couple different ones I found online and made it myself in Microsoft Word. I hope our guests enjoy them!
This is a screen shot of the design in Word
Printed and ready to be cut!

And finally I finished making our new and improved poms! They are improved because I've gotten much better and faster at making them. I also decided to add some white flowers which I think turned out pretty nice! Some of them are a little wonky and lopsided but at this point I don't care! They're done and no one will notice if they're perfect!
Half of the finished poms
Close up of a good one :)

With every wedding task we complete a little bit of stress is relieved. But then I remember all the other projects left to do and it all comes back!

Do you think you'll reach a point before your wedding where all your free time is focused on projects?

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