Monday, August 15, 2011

Bridesmaids: the search for an orange dress continued...

On a gloomy rainy day in NYC, three of my bridesmaids and I headed out with our umbrellas and rain boots to try on some dresses! We headed over to the famous Macy's in NYC, headed up to the 8th floor and into their bridal salon.  We specifically wanted to look at dresses from the Eden bridesmaids line and the Dessy collection.
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I wasn't allowed to take pictures... but our consultant liked us and let me take a picture of my final favorites. The girls were full of energy and we had a lot of fun! They tried on A LOT of dresses. They would each make a case for why they did or didn't like a dress. Or they would all veto it before they even left the dressing room! They also all kept hiking up the dresses and saying things like, "I would like it better if it were a little shorter." I started calling them my floozy bridesmaids, joking of course.

If they liked a dress I would have them switch so every girl could try it on and give their opinion. They looked fabulous in almost everything, but they chose their top two favorites.
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We were thinking we could keep the top the same color and make the skirt orange. This dress then became known as the "creamsicle" dress. Which I'm not sure is a good thing...?

This next dress from Alfred Sung ended up being their #1 favorite.
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I like this dress a lot and I know it would look great on all my girls. The only thing I don't love is the color of the dress. The fabric is kind of iridescent and shiny. It is definitely orange, but has sort of yellow and green undertones. It almost looked pink to me at times. But the girls liked this color a lot better than the bright orange offered by Eden. I just wasn't sure that it was "the one."
 Personal Photo / The girls doing their "model poses" The pink dress is the their fav, but it would come in the orange color that my first pretty lady has on.
Personal Photo / With flash, more model poses

We really had a blast, and during the appointment the consultant said to me, "You girls are so nice. We get some crazy bridesmaids in here, but your girls are a great bunch." I thought that was very sweet of her to say. And its true, my girls are so great! They gave me their honest opinion but would add, "I'll wear whatever you want. It's totally up to you!" They made it really easy and I'm very thankful to have such great friends!

How has the search for bridesmaids dresses gone for you? Did you ask for your ladies opinion or did you just tell them what you wanted?


  1. Your girls seem awesome and those pictures are hilarious. What a fun bunch! And how great that they just want you to be happy. (My girls said that but then they weren't as easy going, probably because they're my sisters. Lol)

    I love the Alfred Sung dresses and that fabric is super chic! I think the iridescent-ness gives it a little something extra.

    Glad you had fun!!


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