Monday, August 8, 2011

Does a wedding need a "theme?"

So with our venue booked it was time to start thinking about the overall vision for our big day. I never really thought we would chose a "theme" for our wedding. I've watched a lot of David Tutera's, My Fair Wedding, and I didn't foresee a "Phantom of the Opera" or "Alice in Wonderland" wedding in store for us. Not that there is anything wrong with choosing a theme. I think in some ways having a theme makes the decision process much easier.

Sometimes the venue you chose helps you make a decision. For example, we couldn't have a carnival themed wedding at our theater venue. The reason we chose our venue, other than our emotional reaction to the place, was the fact that it was a theater. Since musical theater is such a huge part of our lives we thought why not run with that "theme."

But what we don't want is for our wedding to become a "show." It's a wedding not a Broadway musical. We want to incorporate elements of the theater but not go to far as to make it cheesy. We also love the fact that our venue is a historical landmark from the 1920s. Mr. Castle loves antiques and anything vintage so we would love to throw some elements of that into the mix.

So what did we came up with? A vintage theater inspired wedding. Kind of vague, I know, but it makes sense in our minds. Here are some idea's of how we will incorporate our "theme" into our big day

Playbill wedding programs

"Ticket" escort cards
Imagie via Etsy / Seller theoriginalpear
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Musical Table numbers
We will be naming our tables after some of our favorite classic musicals.
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Hopefully our visions for these ideas will become a reality. We will be doing all of these projects ourselves so wish us luck!

What about you, do you have a theme for your wedding? Has it worked out the way you planned?


  1. Super cute idea! There is so much you could do with it! It's gonna look great!


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