Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The death of a Mac Book Pro

There has been a sad loss in our household. Jeff's trusty five year old Mac Book Pro has bit the dust. And I feel especially bad because I was the last person to use it.... It was definitely on it's way out, but after I used it I asked, "should I turn it off or just close it?" Jeff told me to just close it and I really feel if I had just turned it off it might have lasted a little longer... I could have saved it!

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The death of his computer comes at a really bad time. Jeff is a graphic designer of sorts and uses his computer for work. We also were working on building our wedding website on his computer, plus our save the dates and invitations. Why can't we do that on my computer you ask? My poor computer practically predates the internet. I had my first AOL account on this computer. It simply doesn't have the computing power to support Photoshop and the other software Jeff uses.

The other major bummer is we can't really afford a new mac right now. When you're saving for wedding related things an added expense is never good news. But a lot of our wedding DIY projects were going to be accomplished on the now dead computer so a new computer is kind of wedding related... And the thought of having to wait to finish some of these projects are really stressing me out!

I think we are probably going to see if we can finance one and hope that works out. Jeff really needs a computer for work (and is kind of a nerd and definitely wants a new gadget), and our household needs a better computer than mine. So maybe it's time to pool our pre-marital finances on a computer that will hopefully carry us through our first several years of wedded bliss.

It may not be as beautiful or thrilling to me as wedding dresses and decor, but it is nonetheless a vital component to our wedding planning.

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What about you? Any fun or tragic stories about unplanned setbacks leading up to your special day?

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  1. Oh man, so sorry for your loss. At least it crapped out before you started on your DIY designs!

    I say buy a new one. Think of it as a wedding expense and an investment in your future (since your man uses it for work). Maybe he could write it off on his taxes.


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