Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Start Today: We Have Arrived!

We arrived at our venue and were immediately greeted by our photographers Erin and Louis! They were already busy taking some detail shots. The staff at Padua had already set up everything I had brought to our rehearsal and it looked amazing!
Photography by the amazing Palos Studio
Arriving and admiring the venue
Tammy, our go to person from Padua for the day, had already hung my dress and taken it out of it's garment bag by the time I made it to the bridal room. She was such a sweet heart and took amazing care of us throughout the whole day! Since she had already handled my dress I began organizing my things and giving Erin my jewelry and shoes to start photographing.

About fifteen minutes after our arrival the boys arrived! I was pretty much locked up in the bridal room until told otherwise. As I said in my post about wedding superstitions, Mr. Castle wanted his first time seeing me to be while I was walking down the aisle. So while he was out and about I was not allowed to leave the room. :(

While I was locked up, Mr. Castle and his groomsmen ran a sound check for the ceremony music.
Mr. Castle might kill me for sharing this... but I'm going to anyway. :) At some point singer J came into the bridal suite and said Mr. Castle wanted one of the girls to come out with some cover up for his face. Apparently he had a stress volcano brewing and wanted it covered up. Bridesmaids S & L to the rescue!
The ladies in green making Mr. C look pretty
Meanwhile I was awaiting the arrival of my Mother who was running late... I was anxious to get into my dress but wanted to wait until she arrived. When she finally did arrive she was very frazzled with nerves and excitement. She caught me off guard by coming in for a huge hug.
While this was happening I remember thinking, "I'm not ready to cry yet." It wasn't because I didn't want to ruin my makeup or make an ugly cry face, it was more that I was happy and didn't want to miss anything going on around me. I wanted to capture every moment and surely tears would get in the way of that!

Before the girls got into their dresses we took some pictures in our robes!
The simple direction to look at each other and smile turned into giggling bride and bridesmaids
My Mom and the girls all got dressed which meant next up it was my turn!

How did you feel when you arrived at your venue on your wedding day? 

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