Sunday, September 9, 2012

We Start Today: All Shook Up

Here's a little peak of what my wedding morning looked like.
Singing, dancing and eating bagels. 

I heart that video. But let me back up a bit to the very beginning of the morning. I woke up at 6:00am while my bridesmaids were all still snoozing around me in the hotel room. I checked my email, wrote my final miss post for weddingbee and killed some time on Facebook. When MOH N woke up she immediately informed me that I had been talking in my sleep. Apparently I said, "That looks beautiful!" I thought that was a good sign. It was much better than me mumbling something along the lines of, "You ruined everything!!!"

The other girls got up and we all started getting ready for the big day ahead! After I had showered and dried my hair, I decided to sit on the hotel room couch and re-read my vows. All of a sudden I felt some shaking and heard a loud noise in the building. I turned to bridesmaid S and said, "Did you feel that!?" I turned on the TV to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and sure enough there had just been a 4.2 earthquake! An earthquake the morning of your wedding?!? Good luck, bad luck? In our case I'm going to go with good. I joked that I was glad our OOT guests were getting the full California experience.

Once we were all ready to go, we headed over to my Moms where bridesmaid L and singer J had arrived with bagels and champagne! We all got into our robes and started the dance party shown in the video above. It was a thrilling way to start the day.
Bridesmaid S and MOH N excited about the day ahead!
Me and my girls!
Someone got this nice shot of our backsides... I'm guessing it was singer J...

Singer J was clearly the star in the above video. Not only is he a very good friend of mine, he is also a very good friend of Mr. Castle. We kept saying that he got to "play for both teams." He spent the morning with me and the girls and then met up with Mr. Castle and the groomsmen to get ready. I was so glad we both were able to share him while getting ready. :)

At some point that morning my Mom felt bad that singer J didn't have a robe like all the other ladies, so she went and got one out of her closet for him to wear. Seriously one of my favorite memories from that morning.
Singer J wearing my Mom's robe.

I was already having such a great day! I couldn't believe how calm I was. I wasn't nervous and I wasn't overly excited either. I was just living in the moment, cool, calm and collected. No earthquake could shake this bride up!

Next up it was time to get pretty!
All Photos/videos are personal
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