Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Start Today: I'm ready for my close up

Once I was dressed and ready to go it was time for some solo shots of me as a bride. We started in the doorway of the bridal suite. I don't really have much to add so I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Photography by the incredible Palos Studio
Some close ups of my sash, veil and hair comb

These next shots were taken in front of the venue after I took some photos with my bridesmaids. Even though it's a little out of order I figured it's best to include them in this post.
Laughing at my bridesmaids I'm sure
MOH N said my bow needed a little fixing
I love all the greenery in front of the venue
I also love that those flowers behind me are a peachy pink! 
Ok that's enough pictures of me. I feel like this is the most narcissistic post ever! Next up, let's take look at my handsome groom and his groomsmen!
Miss a recap? Check it out below!
We start at the end with a surprise wedding video!
We start the day with singing, dancing, and an earthquake
I get my hair and makeup done
We arrive at our venue and Mr. Castle asks for some makeup
With the help of my Mom and bridesmaids I get into my dress!

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