Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"The Lovers the dreamers and me..."

Do you recognize those lyrics? It is from one of my favorite songs and the song I've decided to walk down the aisle to, "The Rainbow Connection."
Why such a random, non-traditional song you may ask? Because I love it, and when I told Mr. Castle my idea, I think his eyes welled up with a happy tear or two. It's one of those songs that to me, is hopeful and magical. When I was a little girl I used to sing it for auditions. It reminds me of my childhood, and all the good things in this world. Now although I love Kermit the frogs version, I will not be walking down the aisle to his voice... I'm thinking something more like this...
Two of Mr. Castle's groomsmen are going to be playing it on the guitar. I can't wait to see Mr. Castles face. I hope our guests enjoy our selection as well!

For our other ceremony music we decided to put one of our dear friends vocal talents to work. When our Grandmothers and parents enter he will be singing this:
We are such Disney nerds, right? "Castle on the Water," is another one of those nostalgic songs for Mr. Castle and I. It's a perfect fit for our family members walk down the aisle.

Time for a non-Disney selection, as our bridal party enters he will sing this:

For those of you who are not familiar, this song is from the musical The Music Man. A lot of people know it from The Wedding Singer. It's the song that the little old lady sings at her anniversary party. I have always loved it but I definitely wanted a more up beat version for our ceremony. The Beatles version of the song is the perfect fit!

OK one more nerdy Disney moment. For our recessional this will be played.

So that's our ceremony music. I'm excited! What kinds of music are you using for your ceremony?

Side Note: I notice that sometimes youtube videos don't show up on peoples posts. If this is the case I provided the links to the videos on youtube under each video. :)

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