Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finding my Dress: the decision!

Mr. Castle seriously...
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That same day after RK Bridal, we went to brunch and then made out way to David's bridal to look at bridesmaid dresses. I had an appointment at Wedding Atelier at 3pm. My good friend Lady Di had bought her wedding dress there and suggested I check it out. I thought why not try, but I had doubts I would find anything in my price range there... So after David's Bridal Bridesmaid J, her sister, Lady Di, my other girlfriend J and I all headed to Wedding Atelier.

I was soooo tired. We went to RK bridal at 9am and it was now 3pm. I was feeling dizzy from the days excitement and we ended up sitting around waiting for our consultant to finish up her previous appointment. I was really not in the mood to try on any more dresses. By the time our consultant was ready for us it was 3:30. She asked me the usual questions and I was totally honest with her in telling her the exact two dresses I liked. "One is trumpet and has lace, the other is an a-line with a defined waist and a sweet heart neckline." She said, "Well those are two completely different styles." I sighed, "I know..." My friends then got to work and pulled a bunch of dresses for me to try on, while my consultant pulled two. The first my consultant pulled was a very beautiful mermaid cut lace dress. One of my friends actually started crying! It was stunning, but it was too fancy for our outdoor wedding. It would have been the perfect dress if I was getting married in a church.

I then tried on my friends choices and I didn't love any of them. I was ready to go home. My consultant said OK now that you've tried on their picks, it's my turn. She put me in a trumpet style dress, no lace but lots of ruching. I looked in the mirror and thought "I like this." I walked out and immediately told my entourage "I like this one." I didn't want anyone to say anything negative and burst my bubble. I walked over and stood on the podium and looked at myself.

I can't even tell you what I was thinking, but I was feeling at lot of emotions. My friends were talking about the dress and I couldn't tell you what they were saying. I then looked at Bridesmaid J and said, "I really like it." And then came the tears.

I didn't know why, but this was my dress. It was such an overwhelming feeling, I mean I was crying! Could a dress really bring me to tears?? I started to second guess it. Maybe I was just tired and emotional, this can't be the one, can it? She added a sash and I gave myself a good look. Yeah, no doubt this was it. Then she whispered the price in my ear and I was sold.

The next thing I know I'm being measured for my dress, then I'm paying for it. After we all headed back to Di's apartment to celebrate. It was such a surreal experience finding the dress. I'm so happy that I had such good friends with me and that in a moment the decision was so easy to make.

And here it is my dress!!!
Celebrating finding my dress with the ladies who accompanied me! I look like a hot mess! It had been a long emotional day....

You might be thinking, hey I know that dress! And you would be right because I happen to be dress twins with our very own Mrs. Snow Cone. I LOVE seeing her recaps and seeing how gorgeous the dress looks on her!

I never thought I would have "the moment," when I knew that I had found my dress. So many people told me I would, but I didn't believe it. I thought I would have to decide between two dresses I really liked. But thankfully this baby stood out way above the others, and brought me to tears! As my consultant said, "Ahhh tears are a good sign!"

What about you, did you have the "moment" when finding your dress???
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  1. ahhhhhh it is perfect!!! COngrats on saying yes to the dress!! You look beautiful!

  2. Ohhh it's beautiful. I'm such a fan of ruching. Congratulations!

  3. I def. had the "moment" with my dress...yours is beautiful, congrats!!!


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