Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Castle Invites!

Invitations are out! RSVP's are coming in! And that means that I can finally show them off!
Personal Photos / Putting the invites in the mail. The second photo is my "artsy" shot... or just my crummy cell phone shot...

First let me tell you how we found these beauties. After hours of searching on the inter-web, I decided to narrow down my search by using words that fit our "theme." I used, "Broadway," "Playbill," "art deco," and "theater," as my key words while searching on Etsy. It was very helpful to use these key words, and it lead me to a little shop called, Little Owl Lettterpress.

When we first started looking at invitations, Mr. Castle kept saying, "I really like the look of letterpress invitations." I thought, yeah don't we all... I kindly explained to him that letterpress invitations can be very expensive. I tried to squash the idea from his brain, but I couldn't ignore that fact that I was drawn to them as well. When I found Little Owl Letterpress I decided why not check out their website. They awesomely list their prices on their website (A big plus in my book), and while more than I wanted to spend on invitations, it was not to far off. I contacted them and got the ball rolling. They were AMAZING to work with, so friendly and accommodating. When the invites finally arrived at our door I was blown away. I never thought I would LOVE our wedding invitations this much. I thought I would just settle for something that looked nice and move on. I had no idea that they would turn out to be so beautiful! I was afraid to put them in the mail for fear of them getting beat up! But a Bride's gotta do what a Bride's gotta do...  So with out further ado, here they are!
 Our Invitations! Sorry for the blurring, have to keep some level of mystery....
Our Post Card RSVP 
We added this little "website" card
The full set!

We have gotten such amazing feedback about our invitations. In fact we even got a wedding crasher! OK only semi-serious, a friend's husband can't attend and when a mutual friend saw the invite asked if he could be her date. Lol. He was really impressed by our invitations. 

What about you? Did you fall in love with your invitations once you had them in your hands?

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  1. Those are AMAZING!!!!! Congrats, I like them sooo much more than mine ;) Haha They're so elegant and perfect!!!


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