Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bridesmaid dresses the final decision!

I am so happy to say that we have finally settled on bridesmaid dresses! If you didn't see all my options you can find that post here. It was actually really easy! Most of the girls liked the same dress and the others didn't have a strong opinion one way or the other. So I let the majority rule and the dress we picked is...
Image via Alfred Angelo

This is the first bridesmaid dress that I looked at and liked after getting engaged! I'm excited the girls ended up liking it too! It's fun, flirty, has pockets, and I think they will all look great in it! :)

With the dress chosen I then set out to find it at the best price. It retails for about $225 and I thought that was a little too expensive. I searched online and found it on for about 30% off. I thought I hit the jackpot, but something told me it was too good to be true. So I dug a little deeper and read some reviews... There were a lot of complaints. Posts were titled, "DO NOT use houseofbrides," or "Never got my dresses!!" People complained of not getting their dresses in time, not getting them at all, or getting only one dress when they ordered 4! With so many terrible reviews, I just didn't feel comfortable using them. I hope there are brides out there that used them and had a good experience! Every other site I checked had them priced in the $200-$225 range, but I pressed on hoping I could find it cheaper!

Then I came across RK Bridal, a bridal salon here in the city where I had tried on wedding dresses. You can order wedding and bridesmaid dresses online through their, "No frills program." Basically you get a huge discount, (just about as good as houseofbrides) by ordering them online and not purchasing them in the store. But the dresses are non-refundable, so if you order the wrong size you're kind of screwed. I believe (hope) that since we followed the size chart we will be fine. The price and the positive reviews were enough to calm any fears I had.

I ordered them in October and they arrived in January! I had them shipped to my MOH in California so I wouldn't have to worry about bringing them all out for the wedding, (and since I had them shipped to California I didn't have to pay the sales tax. Double score!) They are very lovely dresses and the shade of orange is great. My only complaint about them is that the zipper is not the greatest. It's one of those invisible zippers and its hard to zip up even if it fits perfects. So fingers crossed we don't have any problems with that!

It feels so great to have that taken care of. Have you chosen your bridesmaid dresses yet? Were you happy with were you purchased them from?


  1. I love that dress! And it looks great in the orange. Congrats on another CHECK!

  2. Being able to get someone on the phone is super important especially when you have a problem. I'm loving the color. Those are super cute dresses!


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