Saturday, October 1, 2011

WARNING: Cute photo content!

Otherwise known as Engagement photos! One of my awesome bridesmaids hooked us up with her friend who is starting his engagement/wedding photo business here in NYC. Since he is just starting out he offered to take our photos for free! He was amazing and spent the afternoon with us in Central Park and other various locations around the city. He was a blast to work with and really let us do our own thing, which we appreciated. Ok I'll stop blabbing and show you the photos!
 I like making faces...
Good shot of our outfits. I got my dress from
 I really like this picture but I'm also blinded by my white legs
Being coy 

 My favorite of the day 
 I'm pretty strong...

Here are some captions to explain what is happening in this picture sequence
Photo#1 Yum, ice cream!
Photo# 2 Mr. Castle steals a HUGE bite of MY ice cream, without asking first! 
Photo #3 He offers me a bite of try and even things out and I'm not interested. My ice cream was clearly better...             
All Photos by the amazing Aaron Lenhart      

We are very happy with our photos and I can't wait for you all to see how we used them in our save the dates! Did you have a good experience taking your engagement photos?              


  1. I love the photos! 2 have 2 pics that I am in love with...and there is NOT one bad photo!! They are amazing! I didn't get to have engament photos :( can't wait for save the date cards!

  2. I was trying to pick my favorites but by the time I got to the end I kinda picked all of them. LOL! They just kept getting cuter and cuter. Awesome e-pics!

  3. They turned out so nice!! I can't wait to get mine back :)

  4. Oh my gosh these are so adorable!! You guys are so dang cute :) We haven't taken engagements yet but I am really excited to get them done!

  5. They all turned out so nice!

  6. These photos are SO adorable! Your photographer did a great job capturing you two!


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