Thursday, October 13, 2011

What makes love true

Alternate title: Our Tiffany love story

I've shared our proposal story, but I have not shared the story of my ring, and how it has given us an unforgettable experience.

My ring came from the famed Tiffany and Co. While shopping for rings Mr. Castle went to a couple different places but settled on a princess cut solitaire from Tiffany's. He wanted to get me an engagement ring that is timeless, and classic. My engagement ring style has been around since 1886 so he knew it would always be fashionable and could be something we pass down to our children one day.
Personal Photo / Sorry for the crummy phone photo

I love my ring. I'm not the kind of girl who had a ring style picked out before getting engaged. I wanted Mr. Castle to pick something that he thought I would like and boy did he do an amazing job. I couldn't stop looking at it for about a month after our engagement. It's so shiny and sparkly! 

Anyway, here's where I get to the part about that unforgettable experience. Mr. Castle came across a listing on an acting website looking for "Tiffany Love Stories." Love stories that involved a piece of Tiffany jewelry. He submitted our engagement story and they picked us to share it on their website! What this entailed was eleven people coming to our apartment to do a photo shoot and record audio of us telling our story. The result is amazing.

Unfortunately I can't post the video here directly so you'll have to follow the link to see our story. And please do because its pretty cool!

Taking part in this was such and amazing experience. The people who came to our apartment were so wonderful, and the photographer John Dolan was awesome and took the most beautiful pictures. Not only did we get to be featured on the website and have this awesome experience, but they gave us a Tiffany gift card! I'm thinking Wedding Band???? And we got copies of all the pictures :)

But the best part was getting to share our story in a unique way with our family and friends. We live so far away from some of the most important people in our lives and for them to be able to hear us tell our story was priceless. I'm so happy that we will always have this video to look back on and remember our engagement. I can't wait show to our children someday so they can see how romantic their daddy was :)

Image via / Photography by John Dolan

I hope you liked our video!


  1. This is such an adorable post! I LOVE your ring. You're right, your man did a fantastic job picking it out. My ring is really simple too, so I love that he picked something classic and understated! You guys are an adorable couple!

    I'm having another giveaway BTW for an organizing tote. You might like it!


  2. Aw. Congratulations. That's awesome!!

  3. That is such a cool story! And I love your ring, I love the classic look!


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