Sunday, October 9, 2011

Honeymoon anyone?

I am sooo looking forward to going on our Honeymoon. I have never been out of the country, well that's not true I've been to Mexico but when you're from Southern California Mexico doesn't really count... I didn't need a passport to get across the border. I've had my passport for about a year and I can't wait to get my first stamp!

So where to? Well we both didn't want a beach location. I love the beach, but it's not what we envisioned for our honeymoon. I enjoy sitting, relaxing, reading a good book and sunbathing on the beach, but Mr. Castle is not a huge fan and likes to do none of those things. We both decided we want more of an experience, a chance to explore a new place together, our own little adventure if you will.

We had two locations on our brains... both in Europe, both full of Art and history, and both awesome. The first...
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Italy has always been a place I wanted to visit. I am dying to go to Vatican City. (That's the Catholic upbringing in me) Rome, Venice, Florence and the Amalfi Coast are all on my list of places to visit someday. My father is strongly encouraging it. He's been twice and had amazing experiences. It was looking like this was our pick but then my Dad went on another trip that sparked a new idea in our brains.

Paris... Le sigh, the city of romance. My Dad raved about his trip to Paris. He was pleasantly surprised with how much he enjoyed the city, and made it very appealing to Jeff and I. And just like that Paris was now on the table.

There are pros and cons to each. In Italy we could visit different cities, most likely Rome, Florence, and Venice. But that also brings up a con, having to plan the travel between cities and make itineraries for each. We also might feel rushed in each city we visit. In Paris we can stick to one place which will probably makes planning easier. But then I think about the amazing food in Italy, and seeing different parts of one country would be amazing.... But Paris is so romantic, I mean Paris on your Honeymoon!!! C'est magnifique!

Mr. Castle was really liking the Paris idea because we could visit Disneyland Paris... Because as I have said before we a huge Disney nerds...

After a lot of research, talking to friends, family, seeing what we could afford we decided.... to do both! I don't know what we are getting ourselves into but we have two weeks to explore two countries  and possibly five cities. We fly into Rome and out of Paris. At first I thought it might be too stressful to figure out the logistics of this trip, but it actually hasn't been that bad. Plus Mr. Castle has been mostly in charge of things.

Have you decided on a honeymoon? Would you chose one location over trying to visit as many as your could? Do you think we're crazy? Lol


  1. Yay for Disney! :D
    Having studied abroad in Europe, I can tell you that it's really not that hard to get around. You can buy a Euro-rail pass, but it's even cheaper just to take buses (if you're okay with the time involved). And flights are really cheap too. Depending on how much time you have, spending a week in Italy, split between 2 or 3 cities and 3 days in Paris is completely do-able.

    However, if you only want one, I'd suggest Italy. I went to Rome for a weekend and it was just the coolest place. So much to see and do! I'm sure Paris is the same way, but Italy is just gorgeous.

  2. Oooh, we haven't decided yet, but we are staying here in the states. If we travel overseas, I want it to be for an extended time to really absorb things.
    My friend went to Dublin, London, Paris, and Rome. She said Italy was the best and she wants to go back to live there for a year.

    I would probably pick Italy. It just seems so romantic.

  3. I love Paris, it's one of our special places. I've only been to north Italy, it was nice, so perhaps if you can do both.


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