Saturday, November 5, 2011

Save the Date Reveal

I am so happy with how our post card save the dates turned out! They were designed by Mr. Castle and we had them printed by vistaprint. There were some complications that held us up, which were completely my fault. If you buy clear address labels make sure you buy the right kind for your printer... laser printer labels do not work in an ink jet printer... With new labels we fixed the problem and made a trip to the post office to send them out. 

Like I said, sooo happy with Mr. Castle's design. He did such a great job! 
Personal Photos / Designed by my fabulous fiancé

He put so much effort into choosing the perfect font, colors, and design. It was fun working together to put on the labels and stamps. We got it done fairly fast while watching The Big Bang Theory, one of our favorite shows.

When I put theses in the mail I felt a huge wave of emotion. It's the first moment when we were actually inviting people to our wedding. As we hit all these little milestones of wedding planning, finding a dress, choosing vendors, sending out save the dates; each one that brings us closer to our wedding gives me happy butterflies in my stomach. :)

Did your save the dates go smoothly? 


  1. I love your blogs!!! Yay for save the dates!!

  2. Great design! Of course it doesn't hurt that you guys have ridiculously cute pictures. This is one of those no turning back moments. Congrats on another milestone!

  3. Awh! I love your STDs and how well they turned out.

    You fiancé designed them? Impressive! :)

  4. Love those, fantastic design. I didn't do STD it's not custom in England, which I'm partly glad of as it would've been more work.


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