Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No love for the poms

I love poms, also known as pomander balls. I think they are so fun, and can look very elegant if done correctly. Mr. Castle on the other hand thinks they look similar to a bath loofah.

I admit I see what he means, but I don't think he sees their potential. 

Image via / Photography by Julia Newman Photography
Image via / Photography by Paul Versluis
Image via weddingbee
I have typically seen them made out of tissue paper, but they don't have to be. They can also be made out of card stock paper, to give them a little less "loofah" quality.
Image via Pizzazzerie
Or they can be made with ribbons.
Perhaps Mr. Castle will let me incorporate these babies as long as they look as un-loofah-like as possible. Here's a cute one.
Image via The Idea Room
My thoughts for the loofah poms is as aisle decor. In trying to keep our floral budget down, I did not include any aisle decor and I worry it might look a little bare. To remind you of our venue, and also because I can never look at enough pictures, here it is.
Image via Palos Studio
The only decoration we currently have planned is a flower arrangement for the top of the gazebo. I'm sure if that was all we had it would still look amazing. But I'm really liking the last one made out of crepe paper so I think I'll give it a try!

Do you have any experience making poms? Have you seen them in person? Did they look like a loofah?


  1. Only since you just mentioned it but I never thought loofah before. LOL! Loofah or not they are a very pretty choice for aisle decor. Plus they are so much fun and remind me of your blog background.

  2. I definitely love them for aisle decor. Definitely make one and show him! Maybe he might feel differently with it in front of him! I totally understand that DIY itch. I can't WAIT to dedicate time for DIY projects.

    Good luck!

  3. I like those lanterns going down the isle too.

  4. I think they are cute and I think he will come around once he sees them!


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