Tuesday, November 22, 2011

California already!?

It feels like we were just in California, but at the same time it feels like it's been forever since we were last there. Either way we're heading back for a thanksgiving/birthday/wedding planning trip! We have to meet with our venue to have a planning meeting 5 months before the wedding and we will be at the 5 month mark on the 28th! Eek! And since Thanksgiving is right around that time we decided to use the meeting as an excuse to head home for the holiday! Since I moved to NY, 4 years ago, I have never been home for Thanksgiving, or my birthday which also occurs while we will be in Cali. I'm excited to eat good food and spend time with our families!

The only downside to our trip is since we are coming for Thanksgiving we will not be able to afford the trip out for Christmas. We chose Thanksgiving over Christmas because of the 5 month meeting. This will be Jeff's first Christmas away from home and my second. I'm bummed we won't be with our families, but I'm looking on the bright side and thinking how cool it will be to spend our last un-married Christmas just the two of us. It will be nice to relax and enjoy each other company on this holiday. Sort of a "calm before the wedding storm." When we go home we're usually running around trying to spend as much time with each of our families, driving from one location to the other. It will be nice to have a laid back Christmas for one year.
personal photos ahead
Jeff and I in Rockefeller Center weeks before becoming engaged

I'm sure after we get married and have kids holidays will become even more stressful. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my Mom and brothers. Christmas day we head over to  Jeff's families house for dinner, them move on to my Grandmother house to see my Dad and his family in the evening. I'm always worried about someone feeling they didn't get to spend enough time with us. (The last couple years I haven't gotten to spend much time with my Mother on Christmas day) Our system works pretty well and we will also be using it for thanksgiving, but I always feel guilty about someone not getting enough of our time. When we have kids someday I'm sure people will be letting us know more openly that they wish they had more time with us...
My Mom and I showing off our matching peace sign sweatshirts

Well we will have lots to do in California from our planning meeting, Thankagiving, visiting with family and friends, and my birthday (at Disneyland!) I'm a little nervous because we only have one more trip planned after this one before the wedding. So we've got to make this one count!

Do you split up your holidays with your fiancé/husband/ significant other? Do you feel like someone doesn't get enough of your time?


  1. We always fly back East for Christmas and it is never much of "our" holiday. It's all just driving back and forth from one relatives to another. We've been seriously considering spending this holiday here alone and with friends. A "quiet before the storm" for ourselves as well. We haven't decided for sure yet. A lot of people will be disappointed but it's our holiday too. Can't spend it all for others. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. You know my answer to that already. We are hoping to stay home for christmas eve...let's see how that works out. Lol


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