Friday, September 23, 2011

My Orange Shoes

I've been thinking a lot about whether or not I should go the colored shoe route. I love pictures of brides with a pop of color coming from their shoes. My cousin wore these beautiful purple shoes at her wedding, which unfortunately I think her dog chewed them up... but they were beautiful!

So naturally I began the search for orange shoes. I found some great inspiration pictures.

 Image via

But when it came to finding the shoes in the size and style I wanted, I was coming up short. Or tall. I don't want a super high heel, 2 1/2 inch max. It was hard to find my perfect orange shoes for a reasonable price.

Then I started looking at ivory shoes and saw how much selection I had....
 Image via Endless
Image via Endless
 Image via Amazon
Image via Amazon

I could always have the shoes I like dyed, but there is always a risk of it not being the right shade of orange. Or I could get a cute orange flower to clip onto my shoes like this...
Image via Etsy/Seller finkshop

Fast forward to this morning. I got to work a little early so I decided to do some window shopping at Urban Outfitters, always dangerous, and I came across these...

Orange Flats!

I wanted to get some flats to wear toward the end of the night. My feet are not used to wearing heels and I'm not enthusiastic about the idea of enduring blisters and pain just to wear shoes that will be covered by my dress anyway. These shoes could totally solve my problem. I can wear ivory heels maybe with the flower clip for the ceremony, first dance, etc, and put on my orange flats for the dancing.

But my frugal mind wasn't sure if I should buy the flats right then and there... Maybe I'll find something better, maybe I'll hate them in a month, maybe my feet will grow. I get buyers remorse before I even make the purchase. I will try and talk myself out of buying anything. I'm very frugal. But not this time...

Personal photo

I bought them and I'm pleased to say I'm happy with my purchase. For $30 I got some cute orange flats. Hopefully my buyers remorse won't set in, but I don't think it will. I've worn them around the house a bit and they are nice and comfy. Now to continue the search for the heels!

Are you also getting flats for your big day?


  1. I have been looking for cute hot pink or orange flats so thank you for sharing this I will be checking out that website :)

  2. I toyed with getting flats as like you I'm not used to wearing heels. I fell in love though straight away with a pair of ivory heels. I wore them in quite a lot beforehand and it really helped. On the day I had them on all day, danced all night in them and had no blisters. I love your idea of the orange flower, it's look cute, adds colour and different.


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