Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flower Power

During a trip to California back in September, I decided to visit two florists. The first was our venues preferred florist, Carols Secret Garden. They are super close to our venue so that was a plus. The woman helping us was very nice and seriously had the nicest hand writing I had ever seen. She was patient as I showed her pictures on my iPad and told her what I had in mind. She showed us pictures and wrote us up an estimate. I felt like the estimate she gave us was a little higher than I would like to spend. On the other hand their work is beautiful and they do weddings at our location pretty much every weekend. I left feeling a little bummed that we might have to pay twice what I wanted to for flowers, but at least they would be beautiful.

I liked them but I still felt like maybe I could find a florist for a price I was more comfortable with. The next florist we met with was Cupid's arrow. I found them listed as a vendor on our photographers blog. They are a little further away from our venue, but not much. The woman we met with was very organized. She had photo books that were organized with specific floral photos. One was for bouquets, one was ceremony decor, and one for centerpieces all organized by price. She was also really laid back, she didn't pressure me or lead me in a certain direction with flowers. The price was also a lot more doable than our first estimate. By the end of our meeting I had a good feeling about her.

I went home and talked with Mr. Castle, he came to the first appointment but not the second. He could tell I liked the second florist better and encouraged me to make the decision! Since flowers are not my top priority I wasn't going to stress over who I should pick. I felt good after my meeting with Cupids Arrow, so that's who we went with. I know they will make our flowers beautiful and I have nothing to worry about in that department.

This is the photo that lead me to Cupids Arrow in the first place.
 Image via PalosStudioblog.com/ Photography by Palos Studio

 This is something they did for a wedding at our venue that I LOVE
 Image via Cupids Arrow 

And here's a beautiful orange and green centerpiece!
Image via Cupids Arrow 

Was your decision for a florist easy or difficult?


  1. Two months out and I'm still rethinking the flowers. LOL! Too many pretty pictures out there. I think you made a good choice. You really have to feel 100% comfortable with your vendors.

  2. I'm 11 months away and have plenty of time to ponder petals... However I find myself the most concerned with picking them out right away! I don't know why. I think because they, like the dress, will help set the theme for the other decor...

    LOVE the orange Gerber daises!


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