Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Awkward Moments

I'm sure you've all heard of the amazing website awkward family photos?

I've been thinking a lot lately about possibilities for awkward moments at weddings. Not that my fiance and I are awkward people, there are just certain wedding traditions that can go terribly wrong, or be really weird if they are not executed correctly.

I think I suffer from what I will call, "fear of feeling awkward," That's probably why I like to have everything planned. The wedding rehearsal will be an important event for us, I don't want anyone not knowing where they're supposed to be or what they're supposed to do. And to make sure there are no awkward moments, I'm taking action and making a plan! Here's some wedding events that, in my mind, could go terribly wrong...

 The Kiss
 Image via www.missindianbride.com/ Photography by Sarah Bussey

It's a special moment. Your first kiss as a married couple. But you don't want to make out in front of your closest friends and family! But you also don't want it to be a simple peck. You need to be on the same page as your fiance. What if he wants to be dramatic and try to dip you and you're not ready!? The result: AWKWARD!
My solution: Practice. No you probably don't want your first kiss to look practiced. But I'd like to have an idea of what we both are thinking would be appropriate. I would rather practice than freak out right before hoping it is perfect, and who wouldn't want to spend some quality time practicing kisses? :)

First Dance

I used to work at a dance studio in the city. The couple that owned the studio did private wedding dance lessons. I was always surprised by how much wedding dance business they got. I thought to myself, it must be for people who are really nervous and don't dance. But now that I'm engaged I think about it differently. It's a little nerve racking to be the center of attention on the dance floor, and in the moment it could turn into back and fourth junior high school dancing.
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My solution is not to take dance lessons, because Mr. Castle and I already have! Well kind of... we had to do a lot of partner dancing in college so I know we will both feel somewhat comfortable on the dance floor. Still, when we pick our first dance song I plan to practice dancing to our selected music. That way we'll feel comfortable with our selection and the awkward factor will be kept to a minimum, or better yet, replaced by a cute factor!

 Garter Toss

Mr Castle is not looking forward to the garter toss at all, and has thought about cutting it completely. I'm still on the fence about it. It can be very awkward. If you think about it, it's so weird! Your groom is reaching up his now wife's dress to get her garter to throw to his buddies...? Pulling it off with your teeth!? Where did this tradition come from? My cousin made her garter toss fun by but putting things under her dress, a feather boa, granny undies, and even a rubber chicken. She went the comical route, but running out to stuff things under my dress is not something I am interested in doing....

Solution: Either to not do it at all or do something else for the guys instead. We were thinking of getting movie tickets to attach to the bouquet toss, so maybe we can do that for the garter toss as well. It would be great to find a non-awkward substitution for the garter toss that would get guys involved in the competitive fun that the women will experience diving for the bouquet. Last one to add to the list:

Cake Cutting
 Image via mikeanddarlyn.com

To smash or not to smash, that is the question... Well my answer is a big heck no! I hate when grooms smash cake in their brides face. A playful frosting on the nose I'm OK with, but a full on cake fight, NO WAY. To prevent any cake from getting in my face I have been FULLY upfront with the Mr. Castle about this. But I think he is only taking me semi-seriously... I'm just saying if I get cake in my face it'll be a sad wedding night for him. I guess the point I'm trying to make is be clear what you want and make sure you discuss your plan of action with you groom. If you are a cake smashing person then you should probably make sure your groom is one too. Either way you should discuss. On the day of after nerves and drinks you don't want to rely and letting things happen "in the moment."

Are you worried about any awkward moments? Have you seen any awkward moments at weddings?


  1. This was a fun post to read. I must say that yes, I am def worried about every single thing you mentioned here. I too have explicitly told my fiance that he will NOT smash cake in my face or I will be one unhappy bride for the remainder of the evening. I mean, you spend all that time/money on your hair and makeup just to get cake all over it? No thank you. As for the garter toss, I'm going to feel extremely awkward. But my plan is to just pretend that I don't want to crawl in a hole. My theory is that if I don't make it awkward, than nobody else will think it's awkward. Confidence is key.

    Thanks for the great post!


  2. My top two worries from your list are the kiss and the garter toss. We're on the same page about no cake smashing. I think you are so right about taking the time to discuss these things beforehand.

  3. Very funny post! I was totally worried about some of the thing on your list pre-wedding. I remember thinking about our first kiss many times and saying 'we should really practice', but we never did and it was perfect! We practiced our first dance A LOT because we're both not dancers.

    As for the garter toss we just decided to just not do it! Best wedding decision we made.


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