Friday, September 2, 2011

California here I come!

Right back where I started from...

This week has gone by so fast and I haven't gotten anything done, but who cares because tomorrow I'm heading out west! I can't wait to see my family, friends, and Jeff's family. I know my time with them will go by quickly, it always does, but I will try and enjoy every moment of it.

Throughout the wedding planning mayhem I have missed my family and friends in California so much. This will be my first time visiting in which we will be doing some actual planning. I'm looking forward to dress shopping with my Mom and Matron of honor, visiting florists, talking to Jeff's Mom about a special wedding dress project...more on that later, and finalizing our guest list. On top of that packed itinerary (and Jeff's family reunion, plus my grandmothers 90th birthday which I didn't even mention), I'm hoping to work in a visit to our venue!

So much to do so little time, but I'm sure it's going to be a thrilling trip!

Here's a little video that came to mind as Jeff and I were packing our stuff for the trek (Jeff's self-professed nerdiness includes a love for Lucy). Fast forward about a 1:20 secs to see the best part!

 Video via YouTube 

Doesn't this video make you want to go to California! They all are so happy!

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