Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bridesmaids: indecisiveness in the search for an orange dress

During the same trip out to California that I met with florists I also went to look at more dresses with my MOH. It was one of my favorite days on my trip. We have known each other since we were in 4th grade, and were attached at the hip from 6th grade summer on. Our lives and goals have made it difficult to see each other as often as we would like so days like this are always thrilling. :-)

So MOH N and I went out in search of the perfect orange dress. We started at Alfred Angelo to look at some of my favorite possible orange dresses.
The first dress is the color I would want. She looked amazing in this dress and we both agreed it would look great on all the girls.
This second dress was the one I fell in love with early on in my planning. It is super cute, but MOH N was saying it was a little long for her taste. Side note, she's 5' so everything is a little long on her. I agreed, but the sales women showed us how easy it would be to alter by lifting it at the waist as to not ruin the details at the bottom.
The last Alfred Angelo dress she tried on was a pleasant surprise. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. It is a little different in feel and style than the first two. It's more classy and elegant in my opinion. I wonder how it would look in Orange though...

Next we tried out David's Bridal. The appeal of their dresses is that every girl could pick what style they wanted but all in the same orange color.
This one was cute, but way too big on her.
This one was N's favorite. It was also way too big. I tied the ribbon around it to define her waist a little more.
This one was nice as well. It would be really easy to hem, and it has pockets!

Here's pictures of the orange color the dresses would come in. I do really like this color. It's very bright and fun.
Image via Style Me Pretty / Photography by Bikini Bride

The last place we went was a little overwhelming. I was on the hunt for the dress my other bridesmaids had tried on in NY and this store was listed as carrying it. But when we got there, a) no one helped us and b) it was a salon that took all the tags out of the dresses so you wouldn't know who the designer was. Ugh! So we had to dig through the dresses. Eventually, (thankfully) we found the needle in the haystack.Well, almost...
This isn't the exact dress that the girls in NY tried on, but it is similar. The only difference is the one N has on above has a pleated skirt and the one the other ladies tried on did not. 
It's the same top but different bottom. I think I like the non pleated skirt better. 

Whew, we had a busy day. So at the end of it all did we have a clear winner? The answer is a resounding no... I just wasn't sure! There are pros and cons to them all. This is where my indecisiveness kicks in. Which to pick? Which would look best? Which will the girls like?

The final decision coming up! Which dress do you like? Which would you want to wear?
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  1. I think I like the very first one... or the black one with the pockets. :-)

  2. Thanks Shannon! I think the first one had pockets too. Pockets are always a plus in my book!

  3. oooh, I like the one with the pockets! We tried on the orange from David's and it looked very neon orange on my girls. Maybe it was because one is naturally tan and the others had tanned as well.

  4. I like the last two and the Alfred Angelo one.

  5. I'm just as indecisive but I really liked the first one. The one with pockets is a close second.

  6. Thanks Ladies for all your opinions. My girls have yet to respond to my email with theirs! Might just have to bite the bullet and decide myself...


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