Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Start Today: Family Shots And A Little Regret

I shouldn't say I have any wedding regrets because really it was a perfect day in every way. But there is one thing I wish I would have thought more about and possibly persuaded Mr. Castle to re-think. People sometimes ask, if there was one thing you could go back and change what would it be? For me it would be our choice not to have a first look.

I've shared that I am not superstitious in any way and I think the whole not seeing the Bride before the wedding tradition is unnecessary. But Mr. Castle wanted his first time seeing me to be my walk down the aisle so I didn't push it. The reason I now really wish we would have done the first look is this: pictures. Not pictures of Mr C and I because we got some amazing shots that I can't wait to show you... I mean pictures of my side of the family. Since we chose not to see each other before the ceremony, I was locked up in the bridal room until Mr. Castle went inside. Once he was hidden I could come out and take pictures. Now this was in NO WAY our photographers fault, just wanted to preface with that, the thing was Mr. Castle wouldn't get his butt inside! He had to run to the car, then he was chatting with people, then he had to run a sound check with the musicians... By the time I finally came out of hidding we only had enough time to take photos with my Bridesmaids, my Mom and one of my Grandmothers who happened to arrive as we were out front taking pictures.

I did get to take some family photos after the ceremony, but that time is so rushed I don't have that many. Some examples, I only have one photo with my brothers and no photos of me with one of my grandmothers because she disappeared into cocktail hour. I really wish I would have had more time for my family before the ceremony. They were all there I just didn't see them because I was locked up. I didn't even see my Dad until right before we walked down the aisle.

Once again not our photographers fault at all. They tried their best to get as many shots done before the wedding as possible. They were amazing and our pictures are better than anything I could have ever hoped for. I just get a little jealous when I see all the photos Mr. Castle got to take with his family. I really think if we had done a first look it would have solved this problem. We could have taken all the family formals and bridal party shots before the wedding and saved the newly married couple shots for the cocktail hour.

But what are you gonna do, right? It is what it is and I'm not going to go into despair about it. I just wanted to mention it as a cautionary tale to all you brides out there. If you are considering doing a first look I say do it! Everything is so rushed and hectic after the wedding it'll be nice to just relax and take your must have family formals before. Ok I'm done with my rant. Even though I'm a little jealous of these pictures they're still great and I LOVE how happy Mr. Castle's parents look!

All Photos by Palos Studio
Mr. Castle's parents. So excited to see their baby boy getting married!
Mr. Castles family. But where's Mr. Castle???
There he is! Best photo bomb ever!
The whole family
This is one of my favorites of Mr. Castle and his Grandmother
Mr. Castle's parents and sister!
I really do love all these photos of Mr. Castle and his family. There are a lot more but I already made this post pretty long with my rant... Next up, I finally break free from the bridal suite and take some photos with my bridesmaids!

What about you hive? Will you have a first look? Are getting family photos a top priority for you?
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We start the day with singing, dancing, and an earthquake
I get my hair and makeup done
We arrive at our venue and Mr. Castle asks for some makeup
With the help of my Mom and bridesmaids I get into my dress!
I take some solo shots of me as a bride
My handsome groom and his men 

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