Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We Start Today: Three Generations

After I finished with the bridesmaids I took some photos with my Mom. I was determined not to turn into a sobbing mess. My Mom and I have always been very close but we had a lot of ups and downs during the planning process. There were a couple times when I thought my Mom might up and tell me she wasn't coming. Needless to say I was extremely happy to have this moment with my Mom on my wedding day.
Photography by Palos Studio
 Doesn't she look pretty?? No joke, she bought her dress the week of the wedding. Good thing she didn't need alterations!
 When they asked us to look at each other I knew it could turn bad fast so instead of crying I made faces.
 You'll see that open mouth smile a lot coming up. It was my go to for stopping tears.
I made it through without any tears! As my Mother and I finished with photos my Grandmother, Nannie, was just arriving. We helped her out of her wheelchair and decided to get some photos right then and there.
Nannie just celebrated her 91st Birthday! Let me just say, the only other person allowed to wear white to a wedding besides the bride is your 90 year old grandmother. I think she looked amazing and as far as I was concerned she could wear whatever she wanted!
My Mom came in and we got a three generations shot. A very emotional
moment again but I kept my cool.
I can tell in this last shot that we were all on there verge of tears. I was so happy my grandmother was there. Don't be fooled she might be 91 but she knows how to party! You'll see more of that later ;)

After this I was taken back to the bridal suite and did not emerge again until it was time to walk down the aisle! Our guests were arriving and it was almost time!!!

Miss a recap? Check it out below!
We start at the end with a surprise wedding video!
We start the day with singing, dancing, and an earthquake
I get my hair and makeup done
We arrive at our venue and Mr. Castle asks for some makeup
With the help of my Mom and bridesmaids I get into my dress!
I take some solo shots of me as a bride
My handsome groom and his men 
Some family shots and first look regret
Photos with my Bridesmaids!

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