Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Start Today: Ceremony Details

I LOVE reading other bee's posts about their wedding day details. I'm a sucker for an artistic ring shot or a photo of bouquets in the bride and bridesmaids hands. So here are all those special detail shots from our big day!
All Photos by Palos Studio
Here's an artistic ring shot to start us off!
When our guests first arrived they were greeted by our engagement photo guest book, programs and mad lib cards.
Unfortunately not many people participated in the mad libs. I think people forgot to go back and grab them after the ceremony. My bad. But we did get a handful of hilariously clever completed mad libs.
Our Programs. They were a pain to make but our guests really loved them. 
Our "UP" card mailbox!
This was a last minute addition. You might recognize those mugs from anthropologie. I went to Osh and grabbed the first orange flowers I could find and planted them in the mugs. I thought it added a little something extra to our gift table.
Our beautiful ceremony site at the Padua Hills Theater
My beautiful poms before they were destroyed.
I was lame and forgot to get a cute hanger for my dress. 
My something blue shoes.
My Angels baseball garter. 
A close up of my something borrowed bracelet from MOH N.
I love this shot of our rings
My DIY sign! It ended up falling apart after the wedding, but it served its purpose!
We used the ring pillow that my parents used for their wedding. My Mom bought it at a thrift store in 1983.
And what's that I spy attached to the bow?
My Bee charms that were passed onto to me from Mrs. Petit Four.  
They took a special ride down the aisle on the ring pillow. 
My beautiful bouquet by Cupids Arrow.
I was so pleased with the way my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets turned out. I really gave no instructions other than, green with some white for the bridesmaids. I happened to mention how much I love tulips and was so happy to see them present in the bridesmaids bouquets. 

What was your favorite detail from your ceremony? 
Miss a recap? Check it out below!
We start at the end with a surprise wedding video!
We start the day with singing, dancing, and an earthquake
I get my hair and makeup done
We arrive at our venue and Mr. Castle asks for some makeup
With the help of my Mom and bridesmaids I get into my dress!
I take some solo shots of me as a bride
My handsome groom and his men 
Some family shots and first look regret
Photos with my Bridesmaids!
I get a three generations photos with my Mother and Grandmother


  1. oh my goodness amazing!! I love the mailbox and the madlibs!


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