Saturday, July 16, 2011

The proposal...

I think our proposal story was so "us." It was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. That being said, I don't think I've ever gone through so many emotions in one day. Scared, nervous, happy, angry, annoyed, anxious, shocked, ecstatic, embarrassed, and finally tired and exhausted. It was a long day and a long story. But I'll try not to make it too long :)

Mr. Castle and I spent Christmas of 2010 with our families in California. We had a lovely Christmas and we had plans to spend New Years with Mr. Castle's sister in Flagstaff, Arizona. On New Years Eve sister Castle, who is a teacher, said she had papers to grade the next day and we could take her car and go somewhere if we wanted. Mr. Castle immediately said, "I'd like to go to the Grand Canyon." To which I thought, "OK that's random..." We had already been to the Grand Canyon together 3 years earlier when we first started dating. In my mind it wasn't the ideal day trip. It was very cold and there had just been a huge snow storm. I was super nervous about driving conditions and the roads being icy. We are from California and not used to driving in the snow. My anxiety level shot up at the thought of going. But I decided I didn't want to be a baby and ruin our trip so I agreed to go.

I was really nervous the whole drive but calmed down when we arrived. The canyon was beautiful covered in snow and I was actually glad we made the trip. We got out, took the usual photos, used the bathroom and got back in the car. Jeff said he wanted to drive further into the canyon to show me where his sister's wedding took place. I said OK but asked how much time we had, we were meeting everyone for dinner at a certain time and I HATE being late. Mr. Castle said we should leave by 3 and it was about 2:15. I thought, OK we have time.
Our first few photos at the canyon

As we made our way down the road it got more icy... so I started getting nervous again. Then we passed a park ranger who stops our car to tell us someone slid off the road and we are the last car they are letting through before closing the road so they can tow the car out... I look at the clock and it's now 2:30. I think, we might not be able to turn around and head back if the road is closed... I try and remain calm.

At 2:45 we still have not found the location of his sister's wedding and I feel that we are driving aimlessly. I am super annoyed because Mr. Castle is usually really good about knowing where he is going but clearly he has no clue. We have also seen two cars that have slid off the icy road, so I'm still super nervous. I'm wondering why Mr. Castle wanted to come to the Grand Canyon when we were out of the car a total of 10 minutes... As the time rolls on I'm getting REALLY annoyed. We are still driving further into the canyon and its now 3:00... Mr. Castle says we'll drive 5 minutes further then turn around. I get moody and tell him how he is ALWAYS late, especially with his family. He is totally calm as he says, I know you're right and turns around. After he turns around we stop a couple times on pull outs off the road. He asks me to walk off the path with him a bit but I m not in the mood. We're late, and I don't want to get close to the edge of the canyon when its icy and covered in snow. I'm wearing tennis shoes, not hiking boots. So every time he asks me to follow him off the path I say, "I'm not going over there." or just flat out "no". He finally says, "Fine lets just go." I feel bad because I can tell he's upset so I try my best to calm myself down.

We are both silent in the car as we drive to leave the canyon. Right before the exit there is a turn off for parking and the beginning of little trails leading along the edge of the canyon. Mr. Castle says in an excited voice, "Oooh I want to go there!" I'm thinking, we already took pictures what more could you want... AND we're late. So in the most bratty way I get out of the car and walk slowly behind him. He says we'll walk for 5 minutes and then head back. I'm trying really hard not to ruin our grand canyon trip with my grumpiness, but I'm struggling. What was the point in us coming? Why is Mr. Castle always late? Why did we get out of the car again!? He asks me again to venture off the path and I say, "I'm sorry but no, I do NOT want to go off the path." I can tell he's frustrated... He then asks me to just step to the other side of the path, not close to the edge, just off the path. I finally do as he asks and I'm pretty pissed about it...

He then says, "Oh, I just thought of a song that I want you to listen to as you take in the grandeur of the canyon", and I think oh Mr. Castle is such a nerd but OK whatever... So he gives me his iPhone, I put headphones in my ears and he starts the "song."

I hear a telephone ring and then I hear my Mom's voice. I didn't really get it yet so I look at him and say, "You called my Mom?" I'm embarrassed to say I said that in a mean annoyed way... I was listening to their conversation and then it hit me what was happening. He is asking my Mom for her permission to marry me! I start crying, she's crying on the phone with him... then I started shaking. And then I start getting nervous for what's going to happen next...

The telephone ring comes on again and now he is talking to my Dad! My Dad can be a pretty intimidating guy. I was shocked and elated that Mr. Castle had called him.  There was a pretty significant pause between Mr. Castle asking my Dad and my Dad's response... but My Dad (finally) said it was our decision and of course Mr. Castle has his blessing. He added that he already fit in with our family. :)

Even listening to their conversations I didn't actually think he was going to propose. I thought, he's just showing me that he asked my parents and the proposal is coming sometime soon. But then he pulled out a box! And there was a ring! I was shaking and crying. He got down on one knee and said, "Miss Castle will you marry me?"  and I somehow managed to say, "Oh my God, yes, oh my God..."

We hugged, kissed, took pictures, cried and laughed about my bad mood and how we had both almost ruined it. I had absolutely NO idea that it was coming. I thought I was going to have to pull teeth to get him to propose someday. But it was perfect, even the fact that I was so mad at him two seconds before. I think it makes for a better story that way.
 Right after the proposal.
Our proposal spot

Anyone else almost ruin their proposal like I did?

All photos are personal

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