Monday, July 25, 2011

A living room makeover!

We had a crazy busy week. Work, rehearsal for a reading of a new musical we are doing, and preparing for something that I can't WAIT to tell you all about, but not yet :)

We did get to take a breather and see Harry Potter on Friday night, which was amazing of course. And on Saturday we set out to complete a project that we've been meaning to do for quite some time. Jeff is definitely the designer in our home. I have an opinion about what I like, but I don't have any ideas. He does an amazing job and has made our little home look great.

We we first moved in together Jeff had these awesome black and white prints of old New York Theaters. His idea was to get mismatched antique looking frames and put them up together in our living room. Well, we couldn't afford the frames so we stuck them to the wall with double stick tape...

 It actually didn't look that bad, so we didn't rush on getting the frames...

Well over time some of them fell down and our little kitties got a hold of them. About three of the photos have rips and bite marks on them, and one was destroyed completely. We were still able to use the three with the bite marks by cutting the pictures down a little.

As I said before we are preparing for something really cool that is happening Monday, and it involves people coming to our apartment and taking some photographs... So we decided it was time for frames! We went searching at our local Astoria thrift stores and came back with some frames we felt we could work with. Jeff put them in the frames and decided where they should hang on the wall. And here is the finished product!

 I like that you can see Jeff in the reflection 

So much better right??? It's only taken us a year of living here to finish it! But with Jeff and I, (Jeff especially) it takes a deadline to get things done! I hope that doesn't mean we'll be waiting last minute to get a lot of our wedding planning done!

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