Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Start Today: The Processional

It was time to get married! Brent made an announcement to please turn off cell phones as the ceremony was about to start! Singer J and the groomsmen accompanying him started the first song for our families entrance, "Candle on the Water."

 All Photos by Palos Studio
"I'll be your candle on the water...."
We decided during our planning that we wanted all our family to walk down the aisle, including our siblings who were not in our bridal party. My brothers acted as ushers and Mr. Castles sister did a reading and we wanted them all to be a part of the processional as well. It ended up working out very nicely. The first to enter was Mr. Castles grandmother escorted by his nephew.
He was really excited to be wearing a tux but I don't think that excitement carried over into walking down the aisle. This is the only picture we have where he is not looking at the floor.

Next came Mr. Castles sister accompanied by her husband. The tears were already starting....
Then Mr. Castles parents entered. MIL Castle was trying to keep it together!
My 90 year old Grandmother, Nannie, was escorted by my middle brother.
Next Grandma T was escorted by my oldest brother.
And last but not least, my Mother was escorted by her baby, my youngest brother.
I heard a lot of comments on how excited my Mom looked walking down the aisle.
She originally wanted all three of my brothers to carry her in on a throne like chair, but that just didn't pan out. ;)

After all of our family was seated our musicians started the intro of their next song, "Till There Was You." Mr. Castle and his groomsmen (the ones who weren't also acting as musicians) followed our officiant Father Geoff to their places for the ceremony.
They made their way down the right side instead of down the center aisle 
Once the groomsmen were in place Singer J began singing the lyrics which cued the bridesmaids that it was their turn to head down the aisle.
"There were bells on the hills but I never heard them ringing. No I never heard them at all, till there was you."
Our photographer got a shot of each of them before making their entrance.
First was bridesmaid C. I love this picture because the face popping out and smiling on the right hand side is her boyfriend!
Next was bridesmaid S looking lovely.
Then bridesmaid L made her way down the aisle.
I had to include this picture because it's so amazing. Bridesmaid L was winking at her fiance, one of Mr. C's groomsmen! 
Next was Bridesmaid J with her beautiful turquoise necklace.
And finally MOH N made her way down greeting everyone with a smile! 

The last to enter were our adorable ring bearers. These brothers held hands and walked down the aisle like pros. I was glad we had them go last so their Mom could see them come down. They were so precious.
The younger of the two was definitely a little shy.
He hid behind his sign a bit. So cute.
They were so great! When they got to the front they had seats waiting for them with their Dad and grandmother.

Our family was seated and the bridal party was in place. Now it was my turn! 
Coming up next my big moment!
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