Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let Me Entertain You

By the Wednesday of our wedding week I was pretty much finished with all my wedding projects. The labels were on, the programs were folded and everything was neatly organized and ready to be brought with us to the rehearsal on Friday. Unfortunately, even with all these things ready to go I was still stressed out of my mind because Mr. Castle was still working on two very large wedding projects.

Early on we had decided we wanted a slide show during our reception with pictures of us growing up leading into pictures of us together over the years. It's pretty common in our families to do them and I rather enjoy seeing them at weddings. I figured this would be an easy task but it turned into a huge mega project that resulted in Mr. Castle pulling an all nighter the night before our rehearsal to finish it. The process involved cleaning up old photos in photoshop, finding and timing out the perfect music, and finally arranging all the photos. It really turned out amazing. I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it. He added the audio recording of his conversation with my parents asking their permission to marry me, and he included the song he wrote me when I moved to New York. It was really special and I can see why he was working up until the last minute to make it perfect. I'll spare making you watch the whole slide show but I'll show you some of my favorite photos.
Personal Photos Ahead
Mr. Castle starting young working on his singing career while I was working on being a princess.
Proof that we both were athletic at some point in our lives. That's a first place karate trophy in my hands!
A very young Mr. and Mrs. Castle at a theater festival. This was from our pre dating days.

The other project that kept him up all night was something we came up with to keep our guests entertained during dinner. We had a buffet dinner and thought it would be nice to have something for our guests to do while they waited for their table to be called up to the buffet. We decided on bride and groom trivia in the form of another slide show. Our inspiration came from the "first look" trivia that you see before the previews at a movie theater.
Guest Photo from our Wedding
Personal Photos of some of our trivia questions and answers!

A little taste of our trivia
The final part of this project was Mr. Castle's idea. I really didn't want to do it...but I sucked it up since he had been really great about letting me get my way in most of the planning. Mr. Castle thought it would be really cool to add some short videos of us around NYC during our "first look trivia." I was dreading filming them. I thought it would take up time that could have been spent finishing up other wedding projects. Mr. Castle had planned it out pretty well, and it didn't take as long as I had feared. The filming was even, dare I say it, fun!  We grabbed a friend and used my state of the art iPhone for filming. Then we downloaded a free app on my iPhone called film maker to make them look like old silent movies. I emailed them to Mr. C, he edited the footage together and interspersed them into our slide show. They turned out great! Want to see them? OK!

A ride on a vintage subway

Strolling through Central Park
This next one is my favorite...
All videos are personal

I'm glad both these projects were such a hit. The trivia ran on a 20 minute loop so if anyone missed any of the videos the first time around they had a second chance to catch it. So many people told us they loved the trivia and slide show. Mr. Castle did such an amazing job, even if he did stress me out and work on it until the last possible moment! It was worth it!

Did you have any huge projects that you worked on until the last minute? Any one else having a slide show or incorporating trivia into their wedding?

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