Monday, July 30, 2012

Whistle while you work

Or drink some wine, whatever works for you. :)

It was finally the week of our wedding! There was a lot to do and we went to straight to work getting things done! Mr. Castle and I got our marriage license,
I had a hair trial....
... and we started finishing up all our projects! My Matron of honor and I went to Party City and Target to get some goodies for the kids bags. Unfortunately I was a very bad blogger and didn't take any pictures! I do however remember what I put in the bags. Each small orange gift bag contained, a box of animal crackers, a lollipop, a wooly willy, an orange glow stick, a rubber frog, a small pin ball game, bubbles and this:
I love the idea of giving kids coloring books, but I was too nervous to give the kids crayons or markers. One of my young cousins would have ended up drawing on the walls. I found these at Party City and they work just like the title says, you scratch to draw! I did worry a bit about the pointy scratcher but we opened one up and wasn't sharp or dangerous. I got this picture from the little boy I babysit. He kept everything from his bag!

After we finished the kids bags my bridesmaids and I got to work putting labels on all the tic tacs. It takes a lot of concentration and skill to put the labels on straight. We kept laughing as my girls would say, "Oh who's so and so? They got a good one," or "Sorry who ever you are, yours is a little crooked." After we finished putting the labels on we arranged them by table.
You'll notice that our tic tacs are a neon orange color. We ordered them online and instead of the clear box with the orange tic tacs showing through, it was an orange box... it wasn't really what we had in mind, but what can you do? We got over it. 

Once they were arranged we put each tables tic tacs into a zip lock bag with the table number and seating chart.
Lots of work going on in here. In the right corner you can see the orange kids bags!
Finished and ready to go!
Next we went over to my Dad's to put the labels on the wine bottles. Of course we had to open a couple bottles and try our custom wine. :)
We had a pretty good system. Bridesmaids pre-peeled the labels and Mr. Castle and I put them on the bottles. Mr. Castle made a little jig out of orange construction paper so we could make sure the labels were straight.
Mr. Castle concentrating on getting the label straight
I may or may not have sampled a little to much wine...

We really could not have finished everything if wasn't for the help of my amazing bridesmaids and family. We had such a fun week and it was nice to spend so much time with them! 

I was feeling pretty good about how the projects were turning out and how fast we were getting things accomplished. I was starting to get excited! I even got an amazingly perfect fortune in my fortune cookie. 
Yes I will!

Did you have a busy wedding week finishing up projects? Was wine involved???
All Photos are personal


  1. hahaha getting all the things together is fun! Love your table numbers...very romantic :-)

  2. Love the hair. Scratch and draw and such a great idea. Good luck for this week ;)


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