Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We did it!!!!

Just checking in to say the Castles are marrriiieeed! It was an amazing gorgeous day! My worries about possible rain were all for naught, the sky was clear and sunny. I was surprisingly calm the whole day leading up to the ceremony, earlier in the week was a different story... But the day of was absolutely thrilling.

We leave for our Italy/Paris honeymoon on Thursday and will be gone for two weeks! I didn't want to leave you all hanging! So here are some sneak peaks from the day!
Personal Photo/ The morning of getting ready with my lovely bridesmaids! They all helped me so much that week. 
Bridesmaid photo/ Right before the ceremony. They all looked so amazing in their orange dresses!
Guest Photo/ Walking down the aisle with Dad! He said he wasn't going to cry but he totally did!
Guest Photo/ Married! Time for a kiss!
Guest Photo/ First dance as husband and wife!
Guest Photo/ My new husband surprised me with a song he wrote! Can't wait to tell you all more about that!
Guest Photo / And Finally a paparazzi shot of us taking photos with our photographer.

Can't wait to share more about the week and the big day. I have lots of stories to tell and as you can see they all have a happy ending :)

xoxo MRS. Castle


  1. congratulations! you look so beautiful and happy!!

  2. Ahhhh Congrats!!!! You look beautiful and I can't wait to see more...How freaking sweet of your new husband singing for you...a perfect addition to a perfect day! Have a fabulous time in Italy!


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