Sunday, December 11, 2011

Long time no see

"Why hello wedding venue. Long time no see." Eight months to be exact! We had not seen our venue since our first visit back in March. When we hit the six month mark it was time to meet with our venue and make some important decisions! It was just as beautiful as we remembered it.
 The entrance to our venue
The ceremony site from the walkway
 Cocktail area. Beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the city below.
Inside the theater. They were preparing for a wedding that weekend.

It was so awesome being there again. And we had a very productive meeting. We made a lot of decisions including our food, linens and cake! When we left I couldn't help but feel like we had just gotten a lot accomplished! Wanna hear our menu??? Ok!

Hors D'oeuvres:
Coconut fried shrimp, Sun dried tomato, goat cheese and pesto pizza, and date rumaki. I didn't know what this was but Mr. Castle says it's amazing. It's an almond inside a date wrapped in bacon. He was trying to convince me before the meeting that we should get it, but from the description it didn't sound as appealing to me as some of the other options. The girl we were meeting with said that it was amazing, and that after one of their group tastings several brides changed their order to rumaki! I decided to compromise and let Mr. Castle have his way on this one. And now I can't wait to try it!

Buffet dinner:
Stuffed Chicken Breast, Smoked Tri-Tip, Sliced potatoes with parmesan and garlic cream (yum!), Asparagus, Mixed green salad, and Marinated tortillini salad.

And for our cake, (I'll have more on the design later) we are having banana cake with custard filling and cream cheese frosting. And for our second flavor, devils food cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting filling. I'm super excited about our cake! I can just taste it now...

Sorry if I made you hungry... Our meeting was at 10am and we discussed food last. By that point it was a little after non so we were starving! I think we made good decisions even though all our options sounded delicious at the time. The only downer about the food is that we won't be able to have a tasting. They do group tastings and we won't be in town for the next one. I have heard from many brides in reviews and from people who have attended weddings there (even some ladies here in the hive!) that their food is amazing, so I'm not too worried.
The aisle I will be walking down!

How long was the time between your first and second visit to your venue? Was it just as perfect as your remembered it? :)
All Photos are personal 


  1. Yes, I loved my venue just as much even after several months of not seeing it! I just got married in May also from NYC! are you getting married here or in CA? Looking forward to following you..I want to add you to my blogging Brides page..what is your wedding date?

  2. We saw our venue so few times before our wedding I wasn't sure what it looked like until the week of! Except for You Tube videos and google image searches the 2nd time I saw our venue was when we dropped everything off 3 days before I Do. We never did a tasting either.. I know that is a fun part of wedding planning but we were able to pick what we wanted without making the trip to the group tasting. We were pretty sure it wouldn't influence us one way or the other. It can be crazy to plan from out of town but we knew we'd picked good vendors and it all worked out beautifully.


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