Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

I have been a bad blogger lately... but the holidays were crazy! Extra hours at work and preparing for Christmas kept me away from the computer. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Our little New York Christmas was very special. We had a lovely Christmas morning, just the two of us and our kitties. And then we had some friends over for Christmas dinner. Two of those friends happen to be in our wedding party AND they got engaged Christmas morning! Yay!

Personal Photo
Bridesmaid L and I showing off our rings on Christmas day!

Since I had prior knowledge of the proposal, I made sure to purchase a special Christmas gift for my newly engaged girlfriend. Her first wedding magazine!
Someone gave me this magazine shortly after becoming engaged and I found it to be extremely helpful. It's almost like a book, it has so much information on planning a wedding. I still refer back to it. I couldn't wait to pass along this gem to an engaged friend!

We had a wonderful Christmas. I was sad not to be in California with our families, but it was nice having our own little Christmas for once. 
Personal Photo
Our little family in front of our first tree!

How was your holiday? Did you have to put the wedding plans on hold for a while?

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  1. Oh my darling friend I just read this and I read that little magazine almost every day! Thank you again!


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