Thursday, June 30, 2011

How the Castles met

Why don't we start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).
Image via Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

FYI, I'm a big musical theater nerd and I'm going to throw that in whenever I can :)

Being the huge musical theater fan that I am combined with the fact that I grew up singing, dancing, and performing, I decided to get my degree in it! I attended Cal State Fullerton which has a great musical theater program. I got there and spent four years meeting people who would change my life forever, including Mr. Castle.

During my junior year we were invited to watch the sophomore musical theater class perform some group numbers. I remember most of them being not so great and rather boring. But then a group of guys got up and performed "There is Nothing Like a Dame," from South Pacific, and they were pretty good! I was thinking, finally some talented guys! And then one of them sang a solo line and I thought, "Wow he has an amazing voice, and he's really cute. He's going to go far." That boy was Mr. Castle, and little did I know how special he was.

Fast forward to my final semester of my senior year. Mr. Castle and I were cast opposite each other in the musical, Baby. We played a college couple who finds out they're pregnant. We spent a lot of time together rehearsing, getting to know each other and engaging in some harmless flirting. The only problem was at the time I had a boyfriend... But during the production said bf and I broke up. As soon as Mr. Castle found out he started acting really weird around me... I started to think maybe he didn't really like me all that much and I had over thought all that flirting in my mind. We ended up performing in a benefit show together about a month after Baby had ended. After the show, (and a few drinks)... Mr. Castle finally got up the nerve to ask to talk to me alone. He adorably said, as if he had been dying to tell me this his whole life, "Miss Castle I have the biggest crush on you. I have for a while." And I very sly, keeping my cool and all, replied, "I have a crush on you too..." Yeah, not so cool or sly...pretty junior high actually. But it was enough to get us started.
Personal Photo / Mr. Castle and I performing during Baby

The coolest part is that we are getting married on the 5 year anniversary of when this happened. We consider it our anniversary since we were pretty much inseparable from that moment on, and we lucked out that our venue was available on that date!

As I said before this is just the beginning. There is a whole lot more story to tell from then to the time of our engagement. But the beginning, after all, is a very good place to start.
Personal Photo / Mr. Castle and I backstage during Baby

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