Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Start Today: I Open At The Close

The title of this post is for my fellow Harry Potter fans out there :)

Instead of starting at the very beginning, I'm going to start at the very end of our reception. Like Mrs. Turkey, Mrs. Coyote and Mrs. Doe, I wanted to start with a little teaser video. BUT I want to tell the story of how we came to see this video for the first time.

So fast forward. It's the very end of our reception. Our last song has ended and we're hugging our closest friends around us. I'm thinking, "I am so ready to change out of my dress..." I was also thinking I was probably going to have to help encourage people that it was time to go home...our friends weren't budging off that dance floor! During my thoughts and hugs goodbye, I suddenly hear my own voice. I look up and see myself reciting a line of my vows... I had this moment of confusion/terror thinking, "What the heck is happening!?"

Then it hit me. Our videographers surprised us with a freaking same day edit highlight video!

It was the absolute perfect way to end our wedding and it's the perfect "preview" of our wedding day! I do have a longer highlight video that shows more of our day but I'm going to save that one for later :) Our videographers, Brian and Ryan, from Blend Media Solutions were so amazing. If you are a Southern California Bride I can not recommend them enough. They were such a pleasure to work with AND they gave us such an amazing surprise at the end of our night!

Video by the amazing Blend Media Solutions
Jeff + Sharon 4.28.12 (same day edit) from Blend Media Solutions on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed the teaser! Ready for more?? Next up I will start at the very beginning, our rehearsal!

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